September 2nd, 2011

The Simple Life

Isabel Marant’s weekend cottage in T Mag

Thanks to Irene we went 6 days without power, water up to the back of the house (sometimes living on the sound can be hazardous) and a few trees down. During this time I kept thinking about the above T Magazine story on Isabel Marant’s cottage in the woods with no amenities and how she finds it so peaceful and a bit savage. I agree that it is good to know that we can live with less but it certainly is nice to have a hot shower too…

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  1. I remember our back to back hurricanes in 2004, no electricity for weeks–and on a well system, no electricity = no running water AT ALL. Not my idea of a vacation.

    Prêt à Porter P
    September 2nd, 2011  6:18 PM

  2. I remember no power for 8 days after Frances, and worse, none for 12 longer days after Wilma in 2005. Florida Power & Light thought only 50 houses in our area were dark, didn’t know it was 500!

    I’d like to invent a hair dryer that runs on batteries.

    September 2nd, 2011  8:22 PM


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