December 6th, 2011

Diamonds as big as quail eggs

One summer in the late 70′s we had a house guest on the vineyard who had just come from visiting Ms. Taylor at her home in L.A.  The guest, a friend of my mother’s, told us that she and her friend Liz sat on the floor like school girls going through Taylor’s jewelry that she kept under her bed. “She had diamonds the size of quail eggs” she said.

And now the famed jewels will be auctioned next week at Christie’s. I am working on a gift post and have been asking friends what is on their Christmas list- a piece from the sale tops many.

Supposedly Dame Elizabeth swam in her jewelry which I think is wonderful. Keeping them in a vault just for special occasions is not very modern. I hope the pieces are bought for women who will love and wear them as much as Liz did.

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  1. “Diamonds as big as your knee cap” is more like it!
    What an amazing exhibition – everything that you’ve always wanted to see in person is there – of course, THE ring – no photograph could do it justice – wedding dresses (ok, so she would have had 8) – Pucci, Chanel, charm bracelets, presents from Presidents and royalty.
    Don’t miss the paper cutouts of all of her important jewelry available for sale with the catalogue – such a perfect conversation piece and a great gift!

    Lisa Eastman
    December 7th, 2011  1:20 PM


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