March 22nd, 2012

Already missing the Ritz

Kate Moss by Tim Walker for American Vogue

The Ritz Paris is closing for renovations this summer and is slated to reopen in over 2 years time. This is making me a tad panicky. Not only will I not be able to stay there, but what if some of the charm (and utter opulence) is lost in the renovation?

Hands down, the Ritz Paris is my family’s favorite hotel. It’s all about the pool. There is no better spot to kick jet lag than napping poolside on a chaise lounge.

I am seriously considering one last visit before the fateful temporary closing.

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Denise stud-embellished leather espadrilles


Kentra houndstooth double-breasted wool jacket


Clap mini bg


Nutter tie-waist linen-blend blazer


Ring-embellished crossover leather slides


Cotton-twill coat


Siouxsie gold-plated earrings


Gemma 40 suede slingback pumps


Linen blazer


Fringedetailed Horsebit slides


Iron cotton, linen and Tercel-Blend wrap dress


Two-Toned Sac 1

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  • Mon Dieu! Simply spectacular. Please take me with you. kk

    Karen KloppMarch 22nd, 2012  7:47 AM

  • In the 1980’s one of the many places I could call “Home”… I thank Vogue then and I can say so again for this homage that now brings back to me those great memories….

    Jeffrey ThurnherMarch 22nd, 2012  9:29 AM

  • Just back from Paris. I wish the Ritz was my family’s hotel too! Sadly not! The closest I got was a cookery demonstration and tasting…

    LindyMarch 22nd, 2012  1:00 PM

  • If you make the trip I hope you will post the pictures here!


    JillMarch 22nd, 2012  2:52 PM

  • For me it’s all about the door to the ladies downstairs – it’s wonderful! Oh fingers crossed that this will be sympathetic.

    TabithaMarch 23rd, 2012  11:28 AM

  • Notice the few people “defending” Lady Gaga. I wodenr why, maybe because you like that someone is making it as a copy cat. There are the people that start the trends, the people that wear them before they are popular, then there are these commenters who catch on to a trend long after it’s dead and don’t think anyone should be able to criticize them for their complete lack of style. Great, Lady Gaga is out there making it without talent or good looks. Lets not forget this is a little rich girl! Sigh, when will people be their own inspiration rather than turning to these horrific celebrities.

    AlaminMay 9th, 2012  8:54 PM


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