April 14th, 2012

Buying the farm

Growing food is all the rage. When Williams & Sonoma recently launched an agrarian section in its catalogue, I knew the trend is far reaching. Their mobile henhouse has gotten a lot of coverage and the organic vegetable beds are good, but it’s the beehive that makes me happy.

I have posted on beekeeping a few times. Thanks to my friend Lisa of BeeHaven Honey in Locust Valley, NY, I am dedicated to helping save the bees and want to learn more about the process. Williams & Sonoma’s agrarian push may very well help this cause and hopefully more people will take up beekeeping. You just need one hive, although I am told, one usually leads to a few.

We grow organic lettuces, onions, shallots and raspberries for the best pies.

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  • While I’m glad to see the growing interest in farming and animal husbandry, I’m not sure that I support the average person raising their own chickens or the like. I grew up on a farm raising various types of poultry for our own consumption (we were not commercial) and I do not think that the average city/suburban dweller would enjoy actually or have the capacity to properly raise /feed/butcher animals as is appropriate. I fear that so many poor hens will go without the adequate nutrition needed to produce eggs and live a healthy lifespan as a layer (which averages 2-3 years before they have difficulty producing), without the adequate shelter in colder and harsher climates (this poor excuse for a hen house would have left us with dead hens after the second or third winter deep freeze), and abandoned after their owner becomes bored with this latest “trend”. Raising animals responsibly for eggs and meat is hard work and requires knowledge and dedication. I’m disappointed and disgusted to see it touted as a “fad” on this blog.

    KateApril 17th, 2012  10:46 PM

  • I agree with you on raising chickens and do not intend to take them on. We grow raspberries and vegetables and want to keep bees.

    PrestonApril 25th, 2012  6:05 AM

  • really great idea! beautiful post!

    frankyMay 11th, 2012  10:38 AM


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