July 12th, 2012

I ♥ Harper’s Bazaar

Most of my career has been spent behind the scenes casting magazine shoots and fashion shows. So it is both thrilling and astounding to be profiled in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I am flattered and honored to say the least. Thank you Glenda and Kristina (one of our first Style Setters).

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what's new


Bianca leather sandals


Floral lace tights


Wool coat with Logo buttons


Nanette shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots


Wool coat with logo buttons


Mid-heel pump with horsebit


Belted jacket coat


Lennox Hiker


New Standard skinny jeans


Heavy cotton poplin trench coat


Sleeveless organza dress


Belted raincoat

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  • Congratulations! Would love to see a high-res scan 🙂

    AmmuJuly 13th, 2012  3:00 AM

  • I’m really looking forward to reading this and saying ” I know this woman” even though I don’t! Being in Scotland, mine will take weeks to arrive.

    TabithaJuly 13th, 2012  3:33 AM

  • So I am obviously very partial, but I love your answers. I want everything on your page!

    JenniferJuly 13th, 2012  8:36 AM

  • Can I send my issue to get it autogarphed!! Reading the article the other night, I felt like an insider! I said to myself, I know her, I follow her blog daily!!

    Congrats on being profiled. Well deserved!

    ameeJuly 13th, 2012  9:22 AM

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it.

    Lauren@StyleseerJuly 13th, 2012  9:59 AM

  • It’s a fabulous profile! Congratulations!
    We share mutual friends in Julia Leach and Kendall Conrad…which makes me like you and your blog even more.
    Hope you get lots of great feedback!

    Hollye Jacobs, The Silver PenJuly 13th, 2012  10:08 AM

  • How fabulous!!! Congrats!!


    AnnieJuly 13th, 2012  10:24 AM

  • Congratulations on the publication but couldn’t read it

    BarbaraJuly 14th, 2012  12:43 AM

  • You go girl!

    kayce hughesJuly 14th, 2012  3:55 PM

  • Great picks!! Love all the elegant neutrals! That ring (actually the one with the two diamonds) is on my wish list!

    quintessenceJuly 15th, 2012  3:41 PM

  • That’s excellent news – can’t wait to read it.

    That's Not My AgeJuly 16th, 2012  2:36 PM

  • I just received my copy and it is fabulous! Congratulations Preston– HB chose well!!


    Emily SatloffJuly 16th, 2012  2:48 PM


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