September 17th, 2012

The collar continues

photo © Tommy Ton for

Last fall I posted that my favorite mini trend was the collar and I am pleased to still see them out and about. The crisp white Peter Pan is a nice added bit to this all red , tailored dress-suit. I tuck mine, by Cece Toppings, under sweaters, and since it is just a collar, there is no added bulk.


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  • I am eyeing the Carven one in our shop!

    JenniferSeptember 17th, 2012  8:09 AM

  • What a beautiful photo! Love the entire look and love the idea of putting a Peter Pan under a shift dress!

    JamieSeptember 17th, 2012  9:19 AM

  • Love Cece Toppings!

    Lisa EastmanSeptember 17th, 2012  10:13 AM

  • This is the most wearable look I have seen in a longtime! I am going to order one in black and one white

    MiaSeptember 17th, 2012  10:27 AM

  • This is a nice look – modern and sophisticated. I saw a lot of these during NYFW too.

    Lauren@StyleseerSeptember 17th, 2012  10:50 AM

  • Used to be called a “dickey”. I remember having a turtleneck one as a child and I wore it under sweaters.

    LilySeptember 17th, 2012  1:29 PM

  • Yep, I am happy that the collar trend will stay for at least another season.
    I have a BOX of unwon collars, vintage and NEW so i better get started,

    LoreanSeptember 17th, 2012  7:24 PM

  • Gorgeous photo! Just went on the CeCe Toppings website & ordered a black & a white Peter Pan collar. Can’t wear to wear it under my new grey cashmere sweater dress this fall! Brilliant idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    EveSeptember 17th, 2012  7:55 PM

  • I love this… I just bought a white peter pan collar and a black ruffle collar. I’m going to wear it under cashmere sweaters without the bulk. Thank you so much for sharing.

    ValerieSeptember 18th, 2012  1:14 PM

  • So happy to see that dickey collars are becoming a Must Have!

    – Heather Coggins

    HolidickeysSeptember 18th, 2012  1:19 PM

  • This is my favorite post. Love this look! Loove that we are not calling them dickies anymore! Can’t wait to wear my CeCe Toppings this fall. Who designed this beautiful red suit? I need it!

    laura daviesSeptember 18th, 2012  6:49 PM

  • I am in love with the collar trend! And CeCe Toppings does it so well! They are so much more wearable and classy then most collars that I have seen. I know that the CeCe Toppings collars will become a staple in my closet even when “the trend” has passed!

    TanyaSeptember 18th, 2012  9:29 PM

  • OMG. I just ordered 10 peter pan collars. All my friends are obsessed too. Such a great idea. Can’t wait for new styles to come out. Great for work and play.

    JordanaSeptember 19th, 2012  8:35 PM

  • I LOVE this trend!!

    JJSeptember 20th, 2012  7:58 AM

  • This is my favorite post this season. Chic wearable and affordable. I just bought 3 Collars on their site.
    Can’t wait!

    AlexandraSeptember 22nd, 2012  8:30 PM

  • I get so many complements when I wear my CeCe’s.
    Still a favorite!!!

    BCSeptember 1st, 2013  7:15 AM


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