September 24th, 2012

A few thoughts

Florence of Florence and The Machine in Gucci

I saw Florence and The Machine last weekend and loved her dress (voice, spirit and joie de vivre). Florence skipped barefoot around the stage throughout the entire performance. The dress, designed by Gucci (they have done all the clothes for her tour), was long, flowing and slightly goth. And the best bit was the ribbon belt with long ties fluttering down the back. It was simply sensational and makes me want to love Gucci again.

Photo © FabSugar

A few friends emailed me after I ran a post on ankle straps to say that they would not wear them as they shorten the leg. I responded that a pair in nude would solve this problem, but I like Emmanuelle’s pairing them with pants too.

Photo © Paris Vogue

Everyone has been jumping on the anti wacky-show-getups wagon and I have to agree, sometimes just black is really lovely.


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The Cardigan balloon-sleeved wool cardigan


Milou roll-neck wool-blend sweater


Erith leather midi skirt


Suede over-the-knee boots


Contrast-trim shearling jacket


Perry patent leather pumps


Nate aviator-style tortoiseshell sunglasses


Cashmere sweater


Fair Isle cashmere and wool-blend vest


Silk-satin midi skirt

M.I.H JEANS + Goldborne by Bay Garnett

Anita cotton-blend velvet top


Cantwell double-breasted cashmere coat

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  • I agree with the ankle strap issue regarding the shortening of the leg. As a 5’2″ woman, as much as I love the look (and have worn it in spite of myself) it works against me. Except with long pants. I think the look works with pants no matter what height a woman is and is very attractive. It’s rather sexy look to wear such a feminine shoe with menswear slacks.

    AprilSeptember 24th, 2012  5:52 AM

  • I LOVE Emmanuelle Alt. She embodies streamlined sophistication.

    Do you think her shoes are Valentino?

    AliciaSeptember 24th, 2012  7:16 AM

  • Yes, they are Valentino.

    PrestonSeptember 24th, 2012  7:30 AM

  • Great post. I love ankle straps too and it’s so refreshing to see sophisticated styles from Emmanuelle Alt and others, I’ve gotten tired of the over-the-top looks from show attendees.

    JillSeptember 24th, 2012  9:03 AM

  • Glad you brought up Gucci…..saw the Fashion Week show and really loved their pieces this time! Agree that Florence looks great…nice to see class and grace on the stage!!

    SheriSeptember 24th, 2012  10:33 AM

  • It’s so surprising (and so lovely) to see Emmanuelle wearing the short Valentino heels! They are so wonderful– an instant classic!! xo

    AlexandraSeptember 24th, 2012  1:15 PM


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