November 9th, 2012

Date Night

I don’t care that Skyfall, the new James Bond film, received so-so reviews. After a hurricane and nor’easter (what’s next, locusts?) I could use an evening out. We went 10 days without power or internet and sadly, many of my friends still have neither. So, a movie with my husband sounds nice and normal right about now.

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  • That’s what we are watching tonight, too.

    ameeNovember 9th, 2012  10:38 AM

  • And really, with Daniel Craig as James Bond, who cares about the s0- so reviews?

    Lauren@StyleseerNovember 9th, 2012  11:31 AM

  • Everyone in the UK is saying it’s the best ever, I thought it was brilliant but it’s very very British so I’m not sure how it will go down abroad. In fact the first thing my hubs said was ” not sure this will go down well the Americans.” You’re a Northeaster ( if that’s even a word, please excuse me) so I’m sure you’ll love it.

    Tabitha@Bourbon&Pearls.November 9th, 2012  11:59 AM

  • Enjoy yourselves…its been a long and trying week. Afterall, Daniel Craig is worth watching
    Bond or no Bond!

    Maria HoskinsonNovember 9th, 2012  12:07 PM

  • Can’t wait to see Skyfall. Love a bit of Bond and this one’s set in London. We keep trying to see this & it’s continually sold out! Hope to catch it over the weekend.

    That's Not My AgeNovember 9th, 2012  4:06 PM

  • That is what is on my weekend list!!

    sarahNovember 9th, 2012  4:33 PM

  • Look forward to seeing a more “English” Bond. As it should be!

    ElizabethNovember 9th, 2012  6:46 PM

  • I had mixed feelings about it. Liked Casino Royale more, but I saw Skyfall under strange circumstances, so we’ll see it again. Curious what you think.

    kathy leedsNovember 9th, 2012  7:00 PM

  • Ok….just to be clear, the NY Times LOVED Skyfall…”Mr. Mendes, [director] gets Bond just right [and] grasps the spy’s existential center…Mr. Craig and the other players — including an exceptional, wittily venal Javier Bardem, a sleek Ralph Fiennes… turn out to be the most spectacular of Mr. Mendes’s special effects.” High praise. We are going!

    ToryNovember 12th, 2012  8:34 AM

  • I just LOVED Skyfall! the best James Bond ever

    mariaNovember 15th, 2012  10:44 AM


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