December 10th, 2012

Hostess Gifts

My mother cautioned me to never take cut flowers to a hostess because she will have to stop what she is doing to put them in water. I learned the hard way recently that wine too can be a tricky gift- our host blatantly looked down his nose at my choice. Unbeknownst to me, his wine cellar is his pride and joy and I suspect he will regift my bottles to his staff.

So here is my tried and true hostess gift list made up of items I would like to receive myself.

Grace Coddington’s Memoir; Small topiary; Cire Trudon candles; Heather Clawson’s ‘Creativity at Work’Laduree tea; Mrs. Strong scratch pads; Bulbs; Bee Haven honey; 

Bulbs in terracotta pots image courtesy of That’s not my


what's new


Bucket bag


Leather skirt


Ankle boots


Jersey dress


Ankle boots


Sik blouse




Ankle boots


Leather jacket


Silk scarf black

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  • How can I order the Bee Haven Honey from Locust Valley?? I had it at a friends once before and it was amazing! Is there a way to order directly from the local producer? So excited getting that for all of my health conscious friends! 😉 xxJ

    JamieDecember 10th, 2012  10:30 AM

  • Beautiful post and wonderful gift ideas, but shame on the person who looked down his nose at a gift presented out of kindness and appreciation.

    aliDecember 10th, 2012  12:09 PM

  • Agreed on the wine reaction. A good host smiles and makes his/her guests welcome; you can thank someone for a gift without loving the gift.

    GingerDecember 10th, 2012  12:16 PM

  • I think that host should be locked in his wine cellar.

    AprilDecember 10th, 2012  2:30 PM

  • Thank you Ali, Ginger and April…my sentiment exactly.


    JulieDecember 10th, 2012  7:31 PM

  • I love this list and agree totally with your mother. Have you tried Bellocq Atelier teas? They are my go-to gift this season and are available at Waxwing.

    Luisa GiuglianoDecember 10th, 2012  11:59 PM


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