February 12th, 2013
Street Style

I almost made the cut

Sarah Ruston © harpersbazaar.com

I have some beautiful over-the-knee boots that have sat unworn for the past two years. They are in shoe bags waiting to go to the Leather Spa to be cut down to the top of my knee. But I hesitated when I saw this picture, now I’m not sure.

Pretty great outfit, love the army green top with grey.


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Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings


Velvet dress


Suede loafers

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  • Love the entire look.

    AprilFebruary 12th, 2013  12:31 PM

  • I believe you should keep them in the bag. No matter how stylish, it would
    seem to me this is a look for a woman under 30. After that point, it would
    be ambitious in a way that would feel look unfortunate.

    DeniseFebruary 12th, 2013  1:22 PM

  • …And I apologize as I obviously meant to say “over 30.”

    DeniseFebruary 12th, 2013  1:24 PM

  • Sarah Ruston is over 40 I believe and I think she looks amazing!

    Preston DavisFebruary 12th, 2013  1:30 PM

  • I’m with you Preston – Rock it with confidence. Try them at least once or twice and if YOU decide it’s not you, then bring them to the leather spa. Age is not the only determining factor when it comes to style.

    LisaFebruary 12th, 2013  1:39 PM

  • I’ve seen some unfortunate under 30s who should consider other styling options- if you’ve got the legs, go for it! Fashion is the one area of life where we should defintely not allow outdated ways of thinking define us in any way.

    ElyseFebruary 12th, 2013  1:46 PM

  • Please don’t cut them!! Emmanuelle Alt also rocks the OTK boot, and looks great. From time to time, I store away valued items (especially when they’re seen on just about EVERYONE) and bring them out a few years later and fall in love with them all over again.

    CeceFebruary 12th, 2013  2:44 PM

  • This is a look that can work on anyone as long as the rest of the outfit and accessories are understated. The over-the-kneeknee boots – which really need to be flat soled as well – can be the starting point of a a long slim line which is very flattering on any woman.

    HeathcliffFebruary 12th, 2013  3:10 PM

  • loooove the look…..so much more interesting than the typical “right below the knee” height!

    CariFebruary 12th, 2013  4:06 PM

  • I am not convinced about it because I am more conservative(boring) since I turned 40 but with a classic blazer on top it does looks super chic…

    adeleFebruary 12th, 2013  4:39 PM

  • Don’t cut your boots. I did it to mine and regret it….and more even now after seeing Sarah Ruston’s picture. She looks amazing.


    KarenFebruary 12th, 2013  6:05 PM

  • Preston, don’t cut the boots. You can definitely rock them with an otherwise minimalist outfit.

    JulieFebruary 12th, 2013  10:33 PM

  • I am a little torn on this one. Do what your heart tells you. I once had a DVF silk coat that was above the knees, I hated the length, so I had it hemmed shorter to a jacket length. I always feel good wearing it with slim pants and always get positive comments on it. The point is do what you feel will look stylish on you.

    AmelFebruary 13th, 2013  10:36 AM

  • Love this outfit with the OTK boots…haven’t heard anyone pipe in about body type…In my view very slim and tall can get away with almost anything-age is secondary in my book!

    mary bethFebruary 13th, 2013  11:07 AM

  • I like the whole outfit apart from the shorts. I prefer black skinny pants and thermals in this weather.

    That's Not My AgeFebruary 13th, 2013  1:48 PM

  • I agree with TNMA – love the whole thing but I’d prefer it sans the shorts. If you have the legs for it, I say keep the boots OTK.

    RD/MMFebruary 13th, 2013  3:44 PM

  • Yes I agree but the shorts make the outfit and the question we are all discussing, if she were wearing leggings or skinny pants it would be a completely different story….

    adeleFebruary 13th, 2013  7:09 PM

  • Don’t cut the boots PD. Instead, let’s post great ways to wear those boots in addition to the way SR is rocking them. I’d try them with a black, short but not too short skirt or jeans and a jacket. And this whole age debate over OTK boots? They’re not shiny spandex pants! They’re simple, good looking boots. Wear them, enjoy them but please don’t cut them!

    RobbiFebruary 13th, 2013  9:41 PM

  • Your age doesn’t matter, it’s how you put the outfit together. Sarah Ruston looks amazing and is wearing OTK boots with leather shorts, she never gets it wrong. Keep the boots!

    Stephanie 7 Days of ChicFebruary 14th, 2013  10:45 AM

  • I don’t know Preston, if you have not worn them yet, that’s usually a pretty good indicator about whether it’s going to work for you. Also, I see the gorgeous Sarah around Hong Kong in shorts sometimes, and her legs are the tiniest, skinniest, little non-existent things you have ever seen, and I don’t know if very tall boots work on anyone else. I do love the look, but I think if we even feel the slightest bit self-conscious about what we wear, it’s never going to look great.

    DianneFebruary 15th, 2013  5:41 AM

  • I believe that only women with VERY long legs could possibly look great in over the knee boots. On the rest of us myself included (even though I’m normal height and have relatively long decent legs) it looks a little bit pathetic. So if you really like the boots otherwise why not cut them to the comfortable height and make a good use of them?


    LenaFebruary 15th, 2013  10:31 AM


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