February 20th, 2013
Street Style

The New Ladylike

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I love this picture of Caroline Sieber and Vanessa Traina snapped during London show week (the fashion flock is now in Milan). Vanessa especially, wearing jeans, the fab Celine bag, and Marc Jacobs pumps with her fur, is a perfect example of modern ladylike.


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Tie-neck dress


Rockstud sliders


Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings

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  • Great pic of both ladies! Attractive looks.

    marylou currierFebruary 20th, 2013  8:41 PM

  • Absolutely agree, gorgeous pic! Love the un-fussy hair with the elegant shoes and bags. The racehorse legs on Caroline don’t hurt! The “coats over shoulders” is undoubtedly chic but looks a little like a struggle with the Celine bag, but so worth it. Thank you

    MelanieFebruary 21st, 2013  4:11 AM

  • It’s all about the shoes for me!

    That's Not My AgeFebruary 21st, 2013  5:10 AM

  • You’re right, the Marc Jacobs pumps are fabulous.

    PrestonFebruary 21st, 2013  7:08 AM

  • Thank you for posting this – I love everything about the 2 ladies and another cheer for lower heels that are chic!

    SilkPathDiaryFebruary 21st, 2013  8:28 AM

  • Hurray for ladylike! I never get tired of that look. Vanessa’s coat is divine. I wonder if it came from her mother’s glorious closet?

    JillFebruary 21st, 2013  9:41 AM

  • I love the style and picture. But fur is ugly, even if it IS vintage, and it ruins this photo for me. Sorry to be a buzzkill. Crazy about the shoes too!

    Jane Dalea KahnFebruary 21st, 2013  10:49 AM

  • I love the ‘ladylike’ look – updated and modern.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiration

    LilyFebruary 21st, 2013  11:41 AM

  • I like the whole casual chic effect created by the fashionable clothes and bags and unprimped hair. Caroline’s legs certainly add to the effect. I also like the backdrop, so ordinary and timeless. Perfect street fashion pic!

    AprilFebruary 21st, 2013  12:49 PM

  • I couldn’t disagree more (and I love your blog). The woman on the left looks ladylike. Fur is passé (cruel isn’t pretty) and the jeans looks ridiculous. She epitomizes ‘current’ (and I don’t think she even does it well).

    MargaretFebruary 21st, 2013  10:45 PM

  • Oh my goodness, love the jeans with the fur coat! Simply stunning.

    7 Days of ChicFebruary 22nd, 2013  1:22 PM

  • Pretty brave, wearing fur in London! Have to say it looks a bit grungy here, though. Would love fur if it didn’t come in such an unfair way. Prefer it still alive. The other woman looks far more ladylike.

    TunieFebruary 22nd, 2013  11:03 PM


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