March 22nd, 2013

When in Rome

Altuzarra gladiator sandals

The knee-high gladiator sandal is the shoe of SS13. The Altuzarra pair, immortalized on this week’s New Yorker cover, are the ones to covet.

© British Vogue

On a recent show-goer.


What's New


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

  • No way! They look even more uncomfortable than the ski high platforms. I guess they’re paying homage to “50 shades”

    LisaMarch 22nd, 2013  9:40 AM

  • Interesting how persistent the gladiator trend has been.

    joannawnycMarch 22nd, 2013  9:43 AM

  • Very agressive…I’m not sure if this is a style that I will ever like. For now, I don’t like…

    AnaMarch 22nd, 2013  9:47 AM

  • This to shall pass….the quicker the better.

    MaryMarch 22nd, 2013  10:14 AM

  • I too am impressed with how long the trend has lasted. Personally, these tall ones are not for me, but I don’t hate them. I think there are enough variations of the gladiator out there that anyone who wants it can find a pair that suits them. Even Birkenstock has one!

    AprilMarch 22nd, 2013  10:21 AM

  • only if you are young, gorgeous, skinny and TALL!

    Cari BeckerMarch 22nd, 2013  10:23 AM

  • A few days ago you posted on the stackable rings trend and I was not a fan. Now I find it actually looks nice and I am willing to give it a try. So my initial reaction to the gladiator long sandal is looks too edgy, but with the right heel length (or lack thereof) I think it would look refreshingly different.

    AmelMarch 22nd, 2013  10:32 AM

  • No, no, no. I would define fashion victim in these; it would be hysterical, plus my feet would hurt.

    sarahMarch 22nd, 2013  11:53 AM

  • I actually like the look. I could never do it at my age, but I think it’s edgy elegant. While I never embraced the flat gladiators that just won’t go away, there’s something appealing to me about this look – for young, tall sure-footed women.

    AliMarch 22nd, 2013  3:01 PM

  • I place these in the category of clown shoes. Sometimes, when absolutely everything has been done, it’s best to just stop.

    PaulineMarch 22nd, 2013  9:51 PM

  • For those on the fence, check out Vanessa Bruno’s SS13 pics, in particular the gladiators with cropped loose trousers…to die. Having said that, I am scouting for the right pair…j’adore the ones above but lets be honest, they would make me walk like Bambi on speed – and as much as I am up for a little leaning wall action I don’t think my life style is! The search is on… x

    MasonbentleyMarch 23rd, 2013  5:15 AM

  • I’ve got to say these gladiator style boots, in my opinion are hideous and beyond edgy. How can they be flattering on anyone, skinny legs or not! Seriously, is this all the shoe designers have for us? I thought the platform shoes where bad…well actually they are, these boots are down there with them. Thank God Manolo is still sticking to beautifully designed shoes.

    AngelineMarch 23rd, 2013  5:52 AM

  • These are purely editorial.

    SheilaMarch 23rd, 2013  8:42 AM

  • Just wait until the tan lines appear!

    DeirdreMarch 23rd, 2013  2:04 PM

  • One word: ick!

    MelanieMarch 23rd, 2013  11:10 PM

  • The ‘tan line’ comment is the best! At age 50-ish, I have observed that absolutely everything has been done with shoes and they have simply gone the direction of ridiculous and incredibly overpriced. This look is a desperate attempt at relevance. I am always in search of a beautifully made, well designed pump or sandal or loafer that actually performs as a shoe for an intelligent woman with a meaningful life, and I am happy to pay for it when I find it. But it barely exists in the world of shoe junk. Think of the most chic women in history–would any of them have put this thing on?

    PaulineMarch 24th, 2013  11:56 PM

  • have to agree with those scratching their heads wondering about this trend… not attractive

    elisabethMarch 25th, 2013  3:04 PM

  • I agree with most. These are a tragic invention. They scream fashion victim.

    LisaMarch 26th, 2013  8:07 AM

  • Ladies, you all sound like my mother! Have a little fun – though some of the ones above are a bit over-the-top I find them pretty sexy nonetheless

    JamieMarch 26th, 2013  9:56 AM

  • Am always up for a little fun, but what’s fun about pain and torture, lol? not much. I think it would be fun to see a man wearing these for a change. Now that would be amusing.

    TunieMarch 27th, 2013  4:46 PM


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