September 11th, 2013

Runway vs. Reality

During the FW13 shows I fell hard for a Theyskens’ Theory skirt left. It topped my fall wish list and I kept an eye out for it online. My dream skirt right just arrived and it’s a far cry from what I had seen on the runway. More of a pale blue than grey, and an A-line shape. The fabric reminds me of my bedspread when I was six– pretty, but not what I was expecting.

What happened? This is not the first time I have talked about what gets lost in production and the reason I no longer order from trunk shows. Disappointing to say the least.


what's new




Two-Toned Sac 1


Robin silk-satin shirt


Pascalare 70mm boot black suede


Merida cropped cotton-blend twill wide-leg pants


Triangle buckle skinny belt


Button-detailed grosgrain-trimmed stretch-jersey dress


Chain choker - yellow gold


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Mid-rise tailored wool-blend trousers


Fringe-detailed Horsebit leather slides


Fergus belted canvas jacket

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  • That really does look like a bedspread! BTW are you still loving your Marant clogs and are they comfortable? Thinking of getting a pair for the fall before I can wear boots – I’m in the South and would get a lot of wear out of them if they are comfortable. Thanks!

    JenniferSeptember 11th, 2013  12:09 PM

  • I’ve had that happen to me before as well. So very disappointing. The skirt shown on the runway is gorgeous. Love the shape, the fabric and color ( gorgeous grey), but the skirt on the right reminds me of a high quality mattress pad with pockets. The skirt on the runway is so much more wearable as well.

    kimSeptember 11th, 2013  12:12 PM

  • Love my clogs so much, I bought a pair in black!

    PrestonSeptember 11th, 2013  12:33 PM

  • any thoughts on a motorcycle jacket for Fall?

    victoriaSeptember 11th, 2013  1:22 PM

  • I think motorcycle jackets are now a perennial staple, a view I did not have on them last year. There are so many versions, and in beautiful leathers, that they go the distance.

    PrestonSeptember 11th, 2013  1:25 PM

  • That’s a shame about the skirt! The runway version has movement and drape, but the one you received does not 🙁

    SusanSeptember 11th, 2013  1:51 PM

  • That’s no fun 🙁

    JoannaSeptember 11th, 2013  3:36 PM

  • clogs : )

    susieSeptember 11th, 2013  3:49 PM

  • With your background, do you know why that happens? Did they really change both the fabric and the cut from what they sent down the runway?

    BridgetSeptember 11th, 2013  11:27 PM

  • A sad thing to have happened, especially after looking forward to the skirt you had in mind for so long! I hope you can return the one received and find something you really like.

    JustineSeptember 12th, 2013  2:58 AM

  • It’s a different item. Your is cut a line. The other is fluted. The fabric does evoke a bedspread.
    As much as I love to shop online nothing beats going into a store.

    SheilaSeptember 12th, 2013  6:40 AM

  • Something definitely got lost in the translation.

    AprilSeptember 12th, 2013  9:35 AM

  • Very disappointing! Totally different color and shape…not the same skirt at all…

    bisbeeSeptember 12th, 2013  9:42 AM

  • I am really interested to know why does this happen? is it because the buyers want to keep the product at certain price point, so the designer needs to find a replacement fabric or the buyers think certain silohuettes work better on real poeple instead of the models?

    ameeSeptember 12th, 2013  12:02 PM


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