September 26th, 2013

Dark denim

© The Cut

© The Cut

Carine wears a below-the-knee denim skirt in a dark wash. C’est chic.

I get a lot of comments and emails about the clothes I show and how they are not appropriate for women over 40/50– Carine is 59 with a cropped top…


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Linen top


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  • I have been a reader of your blog for quite sometime and I actually think your clothes and style selections are a spot-on mix of classic with a fresh, modern edge that can work on almost anyone– age or size. It’s all in the person’s attitude and being open to different interpretations on what looks good at what age.
    Thanks for a great blog.

    VictoriaSeptember 26th, 2013  7:01 AM

  • I have to agree with Victoria! I love the proportion of the short top and longer length skirt., looks new and still sophisticated even though it’s denim. The only drawback for me is it seems you have to wear really high heels, or do you?

    silkpathdiarySeptember 26th, 2013  8:31 AM

  • Really?? So saddened to discover we are *still* trying to judge and classify each other into artificial ageist submission. Sigh. At 53, I look forward to your posts, and feel inspired by your blog. I say salut to you and Carine, who looks super chic.

    KelliSeptember 26th, 2013  8:52 AM

  • I’m in my mid forties and love your blog- it’s all about chic dressing that is ageless. As with all trends one has to have ones own individual take on a part of it. Style is ageless and let’s be honest trendless- it’s all about interpretation at the end of the day.

    MelanieSeptember 26th, 2013  9:15 AM

  • Few other women can pull off looks that Carine can. Love her skirt and sandals, the crop top is not great.

    JulieSeptember 26th, 2013  9:17 AM

  • I agree with Victoria. I thought the rigid rules were thrown out. I think the decision to wear something requires an honest assessment of whether it puts one’s best foot forward and is in keeping with the image one wants to project. If it passes these tests, then go for it.

    AprilSeptember 26th, 2013  9:50 AM

  • The clothes you show are very classic and easily adaptable for women of every age. Why should a woman with great legs ever stop showing them?

    Body type is more important than age when considering what to wear. Some women look great in A-line skirts while others (me) look better in pencil skirts. It takes time and a whole lot of trial and error to figure it out. But the journey is fun and a delightful part of being a woman.

    BMASeptember 26th, 2013  10:26 AM

  • ???? Chic is ageless – tweak where needed, including perspective and attitude!

    TreeSeptember 26th, 2013  10:27 AM

  • I agree that generalizing about what is appropriate to wear for a specific age is old-fashioned, but not everyone has the je ne sais quoi to be able to carry off the same outfits as Carine!

    That being said, occasionally I see an older woman (I am included in that category) who has a fabulous figure (sadly, I am NOT included in that category!) who is wearing something quite revealing. Granted – they might have the figure to pull it off – but is it attractive and/or stylish? Occasionally the answer is no, but that is, of course, only my opinion. Each woman makes that choice for herself…and thankfully, each woman has the right to make that choice!

    As far as Carine’s outfit – she looks great – another woman with a similar figure around her age or older might not be making the best decision to wear a cropped top. In that case, a similar look with a top 2 inches longer could look just as fabulous!

    bisbeeSeptember 26th, 2013  12:17 PM

  • I’m 61, and have always found your posts and selections great. Some aren’t adaptable for me, because I know longer like to wear 4″ heels, but you have great taste and I agree – no rules.

    KathySeptember 26th, 2013  1:28 PM

  • Your posts and selections have inspired me to keep my look fresh, chic and classy. At 49, I focus on quality and forever pieces. I agree with dressing for body type. I am also particular on keeping my feet healthy with sensible footwear. KIC is my go to site for ageless style and fashion!

    LynetteSeptember 26th, 2013  6:08 PM

  • I am in my early sixties and I read your blog every day. In my opinion, age is irrelevant, you either have style or you don’t.

    Keep it up Preston, your blog is ageless……

    Susan style SluethSeptember 26th, 2013  7:27 PM

  • i love your blog. i’ve always found the looks you post to be appropriate for all ages. they serve as inspiration to me as i’m trying to find my look and style. : )

    LoriSeptember 26th, 2013  8:24 PM

  • Well, I am over 50 and find the clothes you post as perfectly appropriate for women of my age or any age really! It is just a question does it suit your lifestyle and/or body shape.
    Love your blog, please keep up the good work.

    ClaireSeptember 27th, 2013  7:23 AM

  • Carine looks amazing! Super stylish and elegant!

    Sue TothSeptember 27th, 2013  8:46 AM

  • You, and your blog, are a class act, Preston. Let the others remain unenlightened, and those of us who see , continue to enjoy!

    SheriSeptember 27th, 2013  8:54 AM

  • Carine looks fabulous! And your blog—always a source of inspiration.

    We, as women, and men for that matter, should never allow ourselves to be defined by a number. The whole concept of dressing “age appropriate” is outdated and ridiculous. The essence of great style has everything to do with knowing how to dress your particular body type. It’s really that simple.

    MarySeptember 27th, 2013  9:34 AM

  • Thank you for all the nice comments! I certainly wasn’t expecting them when I posted. This is a good conversation and deserves a post of it’s own.

    PrestonSeptember 27th, 2013  12:25 PM

  • It is my opinion that Carine’s skirt hits her legs at the most unflattering point. I don’t necessarily think the proportions of the look are either flattering or chic. I would say this if Carine’s were 25, 35 or 65. It’s all about fit and proportion and in this case, not so much. Age is a number. Fit/tailoring applies to all ages.

    JenFebruary 21st, 2014  6:17 PM


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