October 1st, 2013

Cool Girls

© Tommy Ton for style.com

I’ve been thinking about how to shake up my run-around uniform and am inspired by these three women.

© Tommy Ton for style.com

© Tommy Ton for style.com


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Pocket Bandoleer bag


Lace-up corduroy shirt


Corduroy trousers


Small tote


Wool-Blend pants




Wool-blend sweater


Marmont loafers


Printed silk dress


Mary-Jane pumps

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  • I’ve been thinking how to do the same thing! These girls are great inspiration. Looking back on this year so far my most fav and comfortable looks have been when I’ve paired together my treasured bags and shoes that are perhaps a little *dressy* for day with casual outfits and vice versa, whilst I don’t wear casual accessories in the true sense of the word often, when I do, it feels best with tailored and fitted clothes. Oh yes, textures are my current work in progress 🙂

    silkpathdiaryOctober 1st, 2013  8:36 AM

  • Love the last look sooooo much.

    MelanieOctober 1st, 2013  8:38 AM

  • I agree – great casual looks.

    AprilOctober 1st, 2013  9:36 AM

  • I’m going to get those converse high tops…thinking the same thing…

    AnitaOctober 1st, 2013  11:03 AM

  • Any idea who makes the plaid jacket?

    parisOctober 1st, 2013  6:45 PM

  • I could totally stand to shake up my run around wardrobe. I seem to be spending less time working out (hence, in workout clothes) and find myself actually getting dressed more days than not. Been on the hunt for a stylish yet comfy (and most likely boxy) grey “sweatshirt”. Thanks for the inspiration! Laura from http://www.cocktailsandgelato.com

    LauraOctober 1st, 2013  8:10 PM

  • Made me smile to see my “uniform” on the woman in the blue sweater! I have been
    ” stealing”my husbands beautiful sweaters and pairing them with leggings or skinny jeans with boots ..comfy, stylish, and FUN!!

    SheriOctober 2nd, 2013  9:11 AM


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