October 31st, 2013
On My Mind

All Hallows’ Eve

Erickson Beamon mask at Net-a-Porter

Erickson Beamon mask at Net-a-Porter

My younger daughter will trick-or-treat tonight, and for the first time, she doesn’t need me to go with her. Another bittersweet milestone. I am thankful every day that my girls are growing into wonderful young women, and I did not want more children so I could fully focus on the two, but these moments give me pause.

As the end of their childhoods nears, I’m feeling a mixture of pride and sadness. It may seem like it passed in the blink of an eye, but the sleepless nights, diapers, and nannies are becoming harder to recall. My memories are a heady blend of summers, school events, ski trips, birthdays, great times, hard times– all the experiences that make up the story of my family’s life.

Tonight, I will snap her picture, and then wait in the car just up the street while she ventures out into the world (almost) on her own.


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  • I am not sure that I have ever had a lump in my throat after reading a fashion blog…always a first. I was just thinking of how our daughter was afraid of Hallowe’en for the longest time (and Santa for that matter!)….. From Hallowe’en to grad school in a blink;) Enjoy tonight.

    brenda murphyOctober 31st, 2013  9:25 AM

  • Wow, I can relate. I have a 16 year old and it is time to give pause and then let go slowly of the reins. Happy Halloween and cheers to our getting our own creative lives back.

    Carol NeileyOctober 31st, 2013  9:57 AM

  • I’m not a big Halloween person, but I always liked taking my children trick or treating. I had many memories of “extreme” trick or treating with my father, where we went to (what seemed like) many, many houses. My kids, I think, will have the same good memories.

    AprilOctober 31st, 2013  10:30 AM

  • Have no fear Preston, as they become teens and young adults you will have more sleepless nights as you await their return home. Only this time your face will show more signs of the lack of sleep you’ve gotten. Parenthood is the gift that keeps on giving. And it is all worth it.

    TerriOctober 31st, 2013  12:47 PM

  • Enjoy every moment. What a joy it is to see them grow into men and women. With 2 teenagers in the house, someone once gave me great advice. Your kids fire you as parents and then it is your job to get “re-hired” as a consultant. This is one job I hope and pray that I keep for a lifetime!

    Helene DamerisOctober 31st, 2013  2:17 PM

  • Helene, that’s a wonderful thing…I have been a “consultant” for 8 years now, and I love it! My daughter-in-law asked me if I would like to go with them Trick or Treating tonight…I smiled and said “I’ll leave that pleasure to you…make sure to text me some pictures”!

    bisbeeOctober 31st, 2013  2:47 PM

  • Dressing up my 6months old baby tonight! this is our first Hal with a baby, and we can’t wait to take pictures and make wonderful memories.

    ameeOctober 31st, 2013  3:34 PM

  • Preston, I recall a similar post of yours when your oldest went to school. You reveal a raw and honest side of yourself that mom’s appreciate. I am an “older” mom of a toddler and one on the way. The years are short, but right now the days are long! Awaiting your eye cream review! Happy Halloween!

    LynetteOctober 31st, 2013  5:30 PM

  • Preston,

    This post was perhaps the MOST influential, insightful, and re-readable, of any you have shared since the inception of Keep it Chic. Followers have gotten to “know” you through your fashion choices, but its so much more fascinating when we get to know the woman behind the blog.

    MindyNovember 1st, 2013  9:21 AM


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