November 23rd, 2013


We’ve made a few changes to KiC. Want to access old posts more easily? Click VIEW ALL at the bottom of the page and scroll through the entire archive. Also, if you are signed up for alerts and daily is too often, we now offer a weekly round-up which will go out on Saturdays. To choose this option, you will need to resubscribe, select weekly, and then you will receive an email to change your preferences. And lastly, only three category choices– people, things I love, and shop.

Keeping it chic (and easy),


what's new




Two-Toned Sac 1


Robin silk-satin shirt


Pascalare 70mm boot black suede


Merida cropped cotton-blend twill wide-leg pants


Triangle buckle skinny belt


Button-detailed grosgrain-trimmed stretch-jersey dress


Chain choker - yellow gold


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Mid-rise tailored wool-blend trousers


Fringe-detailed Horsebit leather slides


Fergus belted canvas jacket

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  • Impressive and Chic!

    kayce hughesNovember 23rd, 2013  12:08 PM

  • Well done. I, for one, was uncomfortable in your bedroom. Hooray for the focus on fashion.

    PindaNovember 23rd, 2013  3:05 PM

  • I’d choose twice daily updates from the great KiC if I could Preston! : )
    I love KiC even more since snippets of all sorts of the things you love i.e. music, and your tales of daily issues (a bit tired of some of your outfits, especially your sneakers!, recently) have been appearing. I read many fashion and style blogs and KiC is really one of the very best. I like the content, the tight edit, the presentation, and the fashion of course. Also, your humanity and that of your readers via their interesting comments, is so available, touching and thought provoking.

    JustineNovember 23rd, 2013  5:07 PM

  • Preston, before the words “(a bit tired of” … can you please insert the words “that you’ve revealed you’re” at all?

    JustineNovember 23rd, 2013  5:11 PM

  • Like my favourite dress style ..streamlined and straightforward.

    Favourite feature , seeing people in everyday dress …helps with the daily put together dilemma we all face , but importantly keeping it current.

    KiC it..Thankyou

    DebNovember 23rd, 2013  5:41 PM

  • I love your blog, it has inspired me!!
    Thank you,Jennfer
    Happy Thanksgiving !

    JenniferNovember 23rd, 2013  6:50 PM

  • Your commenters can be a tough crowd! Though maybe that goes with the territory. This is one of my favorite blogs and it is always the first thing I flip to with my morning coffee. Keep it up (and chic)!

    LaurenNovember 24th, 2013  9:30 AM

  • Change is always good. One of the reasons I love your blog is its simple format and tight edit. I like the clean pages too…I am so turned off when I check out a blog and it’s littered with advertisements. Thanks for keeping things chic, clean and easy!

    A Note On StyleNovember 24th, 2013  11:29 AM

  • I loved the old KIC and I love the new one! I look forward to reading your blog each day, especially during the week when I’m at the office and I need something beautiful or cool or chic (or all three!) to consider during the time where I shove salad into my mouth!
    Happy Thanksgiving Preston!

    RobbiNovember 24th, 2013  7:21 PM


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