November 30th, 2013

“A Story Lately Told”

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After I read a NYT’sĀ interview with Anjelica Huston on her recently released memoir, “A Story Lately Told”, I popped it on my Christmas list (to give and get). The Oscar winning actress shares memories of a magical childhood in Ireland, her relationship with Jack Nicholson, love of fashion, and of course, her famous father, director John Huston. I cannot wait to tuck into this book after the holidays.


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  • I also couldn’t wait to read this amazing and beautiful woman’s story. I bought the book at my favorite NYC bookshop, cozied up at home, and after about 30 pages had to stop. It was a monotonous recitation, making the extraordinary dull and uninteresting. I really struggled because I love Angelica Huston and wanted to love her book, but finally had to admit I couldn’t get past the poor writing. Even the photos, which I couldn’t wait to see, we’re very small and grainy. So disappointing. The cover is the only part of the book that is fabulous. I actually returned it šŸ™

    Love your blog, Preston. Happy holidays!

    JackieNovember 30th, 2013  10:35 AM

    This is an article I wrote about meeting Anjelica and her Dad on the Queen Mary.
    Dr. Molly

    MollyNovember 30th, 2013  12:14 PM

  • So true Jackie! Started reading and was bored to death. Pointless drivel for the most part. I’ve always loved her style and I am really disappointed that her publishers did not do justice to this woman. Some of the pictures were okay but she deserves better!

    BMANovember 30th, 2013  12:28 PM

  • How disappointing that the book is so dull.
    Dr. Molly – great story and a nice reminder to just say ‘hi’.

    ClaireNovember 30th, 2013  4:35 PM

  • Agreed! There was an excerpt in either Vanity Fair or Vogue, and I couldn’t even make it through that. Bummer.

    BabsNovember 30th, 2013  6:35 PM

  • It’s not good? Ugh

    PrestonNovember 30th, 2013  7:45 PM

  • preston, read, in it’s entirety, if you can, the vf excerpt. i so wanted to enjoy it but it is boring and dreerily written. i agree with jackie, BMA and babs; to which “a cure for insomnia”, would be my review. disappointment.

    agnesNovember 30th, 2013  10:01 PM

  • The book to give and get is “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt. Now, here is a book to tuck into.

    MargoDecember 1st, 2013  12:03 AM

  • I read the VF excerpt just now, and I wasn’t bored, but it is very old-fashioned. She also name drops a lot of people I never heard of. It was OK reading it online, where I could immediately google names, but I can see how it would get tedious if you were reading an actual book. She probably should have worked with a ghostwriter.

    joannawnycDecember 1st, 2013  11:43 AM

  • Just sampled Anjelica’s book and thought how much I wasn’t loving it. Thank you Margo, I am going to start “The Goldfinch”.

    karenDecember 1st, 2013  2:29 PM

  • I wanted so much to like it, but agree with everyone above. It also supposedly ends when she gets to Hollywood, and part two will be published next year?

    KathyDecember 1st, 2013  5:44 PM

  • I read the Vanity Fair excerpt and loved it. Then I heard her on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and that made me want to read it even more! So sad to hear it’s dull!

    EileenDecember 1st, 2013  11:03 PM

  • Wow! This’ is better than a book club. Thanks to all. No way I am reading this book although the excerpt in vf wasn’t awful.

    PaulaDecember 2nd, 2013  1:10 AM

  • I also heard her interview with Terry Gross and downloaded the book to my iPad. Haven’t started it yet…but I’ll give it a try…

    bisbeeDecember 3rd, 2013  6:22 AM


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