December 9th, 2013
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Clean and Simple

The Calvin Klein Collection pre-fall 2014 show is chock full of clothes I want to live in. Clean lines and comfortable silhouettes in muted colors– perfection. Loosely tied at the waist and oversized buttons are the only embellishments in this lovely collection.

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  1. Interesting…what are the materials, Preston?

    December 9th, 2013  10:05 AM

  2. I love the coat…. Distinctive and artistic

    December 9th, 2013  10:25 AM

  3. I could not agree more! However, Preston, I have often wondered why designers often show their clothing with such long sleeves- virtually swallowing up their hands! Is it some sort of runway aesthetic?

    Helene dameris
    December 9th, 2013  10:45 AM

  4. It looks to comfy to be true!
    I can’t wait to see if the fabrics (and sleeve lengths) will make it a collection to actually purchase from. Lunches and/or holding a cocktail will be difficult with those sleeve lengths.
    I will work for a more simple/new fall silhouette. Love the higher waists.
    The last dress is amazing

    December 9th, 2013  10:58 AM

  5. Sheri– The bordeaux dress is crepe wool georgette, the others I’m told are a fine cashmere knit.

    December 9th, 2013  11:00 AM

  6. The clothes are beautiful but the models look so thin.

    December 9th, 2013  11:43 AM

  7. Calvin Klein is a master at minimalism. Taking such simple lines and making them look fresh. I like the looks a lot, especially the coat. I trust the sleeve length will be shortened for non-runway wear!

    December 9th, 2013  3:43 PM


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