December 9th, 2013
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I have a confession…

Flats are great, and I love a 2″ bootie for running around, but I have missed wearing a serious heel. Granted my lifestyle is such that I have little “need” for a pair so high, but I fell hard for these Saint Laurent booties after I ran a pic of Malgosia in them. I have actually worn them more often than I thought I would.

Again, I bought a half size larger to accommodate my cashmere socks.


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  • That picture you posted of Malgosia with these boots was inspiring. Everything about these looks beautiful from the toe shape to the ties so I am glad to hear you are wearing them.
    I have a question for you about the cashmere socks though…..I am very picky and constantly disappointed with socks in general (sounds silly I know). What brand do you prefer?

    SueMDecember 9th, 2013  12:18 PM

  • Simply stunning. The heel height is indeed a little intimidating, but I know what you mean about missing a “serious heel”. I have been feeling less put together or less “dressed” lately because of all of the flat boots and practical heels I’ve been wearing. I too love cashmere socks, but wished they lasted longer.

    lisa pearceDecember 9th, 2013  1:01 PM

  • Those boots are so chic. There’s always a need for a serious heel! 🙂


    JosephinaDecember 9th, 2013  1:13 PM

  • I buy my socks at J. McLaughlin and J. Crew

    PrestonDecember 9th, 2013  1:37 PM

  • These booties are a beauty, but nevertheless, too high for me. Too intimidating 🙂

    AnaDecember 9th, 2013  1:48 PM

  • Thank you!

    SueMDecember 9th, 2013  2:57 PM

  • I bought a different pair of high heeled Saint Laurent booties this season-the leather with zippers. I love them and get so many compliments on them. They make a simple outfit.

    EBDecember 9th, 2013  11:03 PM


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