December 10th, 2013

On my inspiration board

The longer T under a sweater is my layering tip this fall. Sweaters I had moved to the back of the shelf are now seeing the light of day, I just wasn’t wearing them on their own. The super chic Anine Bing above.

I’m still on the hunt for a chunky fur and am leaning toward one in black like Capucine Safyurtlu’s.

Is there anything better than a good turtleneck sweater?

I have two pairs of Prada satin flats below from eons ago and may pull them out this Christmas. They would look très chic with leather pants.



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Quartz earrings


Velvet dress


Suede loafers


Shirt dress


Navy ribbed sweater


Raw jean


Navy sede pumps




Embroidered top






Tie-back sweater

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  • What an inspirational post – thank you! I LOVE the jacket, bag and boots in the first pic. Can anyone help to ID these pieces? TIA!

    AliciaDecember 10th, 2013  8:28 AM

  • The second last picture looks like label overload- discretion is key!!

    cathyDecember 10th, 2013  9:05 AM

  • Yes! You nailed it!!! I love the look of layering under sweaters and it’s warmer too! Love Vince tank tops for this purpose as they are long. Love the chunky fur. Would be such fun to have one ! love your Prada satin flats !!!!!!

    PaulaDecember 10th, 2013  10:04 AM

  • Oh the sweater! Perfect for today it’s snowing here. Do you know the brand? Thank you.

    lorraineDecember 10th, 2013  10:06 AM

  • I love the first look. It’s a perfect way to modernize older sweaters. And, I’m still on the hunt for the right chunky turtleneck – love the one above.

    Lauren@StyleseerDecember 10th, 2013  11:03 AM

  • Such beautiful Prada shoes! They remind me of Anouk Aimee in la Dolce Vita! So perfect!

    BMADecember 10th, 2013  11:09 AM

  • Who’s leather pants are those!!!! They’re amazing!!!

    Janette MalloryDecember 10th, 2013  12:08 PM

  • First photo is Anine Bing. Jacket, handbag, boots are hers. Not sure about the other pieces.

    Debbie G.December 10th, 2013  12:45 PM

  • Love the Prada flats and leather pants! Do like a long t-shirt as well, I’m tall so I’m always on the look out for extra length.

    That's Not My AgeDecember 10th, 2013  1:42 PM

  • I have a long torso and it’s hard to find longer t-shirts. What brands run long? Thank you.

    Tori MordecaiDecember 10th, 2013  1:52 PM

  • I would like an id on the boots in the top picture. I particularly like the big bow sling backs, Preston.

    AprilDecember 10th, 2013  2:28 PM

  • The turtleneck is from Celine. Kristina O’neill has the exact same sweater. Saw it on her Instagram.

    LuciaDecember 10th, 2013  3:18 PM

  • April– That is Anine Bing in her own boots

    PrestonDecember 10th, 2013  5:03 PM

  • Curious what your go-to long tees are, I’m always on the lookout and it’s not easy to find them with some length. Think my sweaters must have shrunk up over the summer! Cheers, Laura

    lauraDecember 10th, 2013  5:28 PM

  • Hi Preston, could you tell me where the leather pants in the 4th picture from? Thanks.

    LuciaDecember 10th, 2013  5:30 PM

  • I cannot identify the leather pants, but I found long tanks at the Gap that are great under sweaters.

    PrestonDecember 10th, 2013  5:37 PM

  • What about the brand of the black shoes under the celine turtelnek ?They are so chic! Kiss from Italy

    MauraDecember 10th, 2013  5:48 PM

  • The turtleneck is it!! And I can´t stop thinking about it. Where can I find it? Please, does anyone know?

    Preston, thank you so much for the best blog ever. So fresh and lots of inspiration even if I can´t match the pricetags on most items.


    KatarinaDecember 12th, 2013  1:48 PM

  • Hi Kararina,
    You can find the Celine turtleneck sweater in most Celine stores.


    LuciaDecember 17th, 2013  5:08 PM


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