January 11th, 2014

Babes At Any Age


Catherine Deneuve and Kate Moss, I cannot imagine two more enduringly beautiful women, together. And at 70 and 40 respectively, they are proof that you can be a babe at any age.

Patrick photographed the pair, together for the first time, in Paris for Vanity Fair’s February issue.


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Demi-fine 14K gold-plated hoop


Oversized-lapel double-breasted wool-blend coat


Quincy shiny ballerina loafer mule


Pleated checked wool midi skirt


Checked wool blazer


High-rise straight-leg jeans


Blanche leather ankle boots


Bellechasse medium leather-trimmed canvas bag


Double breasted coat


Flared corduroy trousers


Square belt bag


Flared corduroy trousers

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  • Couldn’t agree more!

    A Note On StyleJanuary 11th, 2014  11:30 AM

  • I agree they are enduringly beautiful, but I would love to see Catherine Deneuve with less eye makeup. Maybe I’d be disappointed, but I think she would be even more beautiful.

    MargoJanuary 11th, 2014  3:04 PM

  • Absolutely stunning! But I agree with Margo that less eye makeup may have shown so much more natural beauty.

    AliJanuary 11th, 2014  3:45 PM

  • Stunning. Two true style icons that are aging beautifully.

    PaulaJanuary 12th, 2014  8:59 AM

  • Yes yes yes–deneauve is still breathtaking but her beautiful eyes are obscured by black eye pencil abuse.

    TrishJanuary 12th, 2014  9:34 AM

  • Both of them are beautiful! However – sadly it looks as if Catherine Deneuve has had a facelift. I prefer it when woman age naturally like friends of mine in their early 70’s. They may have wrinkles but in my opinion they are still stunning. I do understand that their is a lot of pressure for celeberties to maintain their youth.

    SueJanuary 12th, 2014  10:15 AM

  • Catherine Deneuve can do no wrong.

    JoJanuary 12th, 2014  10:45 AM

  • I agree, and I thank Preston for posting this, but aren’t we all tired with establishing the fact a woman at any age can be beautiful and alluring? The same media celebrating these two mature woman being beautiful are also responsible for perpetuating the myth that real beauty only exists in very young women, and everyone else is just beautiful “for their age”. Ageless is the goal, not young or old!

    AprilJanuary 12th, 2014  3:30 PM

  • They both look amazing…I love CD’s bold look. Would be curious to see her with a more natural look, but for formal presentation mode, like a Vanity Fair shoot with Kate Moss, she looks appropriately dressed up and amazingly sexy. Powerful, both of them.

    ElleJanuary 12th, 2014  5:14 PM

  • LOVE this!

    That's Not My AgeJanuary 13th, 2014  8:14 AM

  • Absolutely beautiful…let personal style shine through!! I am amazed at the stunning beauty of both of these style icons!

    Simply StylishJanuary 14th, 2014  1:27 AM


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