February 3rd, 2014
Street Style

Furry Flurries Cont.

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A few weeks ago, while searching for a new fur, I posted on some of my favorites. These two, snapped at the Copenhagen and Stockholm fashion shows, are gorgeous too.

Faded denim jeans are on my to-post list– I bought a pair last summer and am happy that they are now the wash du jour.

© W magazine

© W magazine


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Diamond earrings


Puzzle bag


Velvet top


Straight-leg pants




Pocket Bandoleer bag


Lace-up corduroy shirt


Corduroy trousers


Small tote


Wool-Blend pants



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  • I would never be accused of being ahead on any trend, but I’ve never cared for dark denim blue jeans, and have always worn a medium to light faded wash. Looking forward to your post on some new ones.

    KathyFebruary 3rd, 2014  11:48 AM

  • Fur!!

    Mary @ www.some-thing-nice.com

    MaryFebruary 3rd, 2014  1:30 PM

  • Top one is gorgeous.

    LilahFebruary 3rd, 2014  1:59 PM

  • Love these. And love the way they are styled!

    PaulaFebruary 3rd, 2014  5:56 PM

  • Hi Preston,
    Do you have any idea where to find either if the furs?
    It’s summer here now but preparation is the key to success. Ha ha

    Carly - Melbourne, AustraliaFebruary 3rd, 2014  11:33 PM

  • I particularly like the first one, but I need some help/reassurance here. I’m still in the “anti-fur” mode. Not a PETA member, but did I miss a chapter?

    MargoFebruary 4th, 2014  12:13 AM

  • Oh, I saw the top one yesterday from Copenhagen and loved it immediately (not to mention the styling). The credits said it was vintage, can you imagine spying that beautiful piece in a vintage store!

    SueMFebruary 4th, 2014  10:23 AM

  • I Love these looks, yet I always come back to the humanity of how we treat these animals. But the fact that it is vintage does help. It’s recycled. In a quandary.



    Kristin BungartFebruary 4th, 2014  3:10 PM

  • Love the top jacket, but maybe it is the nonchalance of the mix that is so appealing. It’s a very personal style choice and everyone must determine what is right for them, but my feeling is that unless a species is truly endangered, wearing fur isn’t any different than wearing leather, which almost everyone does. It is my sincere hope that the cultural pressure for humane treatment of animals has reached the fur industry as well, and that all related conditions have been improved for all species. For myself, I am very sympathetic to all forms of life, especially humanity.

    PaulaFebruary 5th, 2014  2:50 AM


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