March 2nd, 2014
Street Style

Another One That Got Away

Or rather, another Céline sweater that I should have bought. This cabled turtleneck  jumper was on my inspiration board and I still didn’t buy one. This has been a long winter and I would have lived in it.

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  • When will we ever learn? I wish I would just buy things I love when I see them, instead of waiting in case something better comes along/ in case the weather doesn’t turn out as expected/ in case it’s still around in the sale. I’m sure I would be better dressed and I would not have spent any more money.

    JillMarch 2nd, 2014  11:58 AM

  • Really? It’s not at all flattering and I cannot imagine what coat or jacket would accommodate this much sweater. Perhaps it would be comfy around the house, but who in their right mind would spend Celine kinds of dollars for something that would never see the light of day? Give me a cashmere breton any day… beautiful, classic and fully accommodating 🙂

    nancy pipalMarch 2nd, 2014  12:09 PM

  • I love this sweater too but it would have looked so much better with a black pencil skirt similar to the one worn by Anja R. in your post last week. Slim black trouser would also look great with it. So chic!!

    BMAMarch 2nd, 2014  3:32 PM

  • Its a stunning piece – I got the funnel neck sweater from The Row last winter and it plays the same role in my wardrobe – I totally agree that when you fall in love with a piece you should just buy it – dont keep looking around and dont wait for the sale x


    Penny CalderMarch 2nd, 2014  3:34 PM

  • if it makes you feel any better – I did buy it and don’t really wear it! it does not fit under any coat / jacket I have and it has not been warm enough to wear on its own – and it is a bit scratchy!

    BetsyMarch 2nd, 2014  8:28 PM

  • Betsy, that does make me feel better, thx

    PrestonMarch 3rd, 2014  7:23 AM

  • And these beatiful shoes, are they Celine, too?

    Maria HalkiaMarch 5th, 2014  5:24 AM


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