March 20th, 2014

Spring Break

This pic from @nataporter, my friend Natalie’s Instagram handle, is perfect for the first day of spring. It may be spring on the calendar, but it certainly doesn’t look like this in NYC. Yet. By next week the cherry blossoms could be in full bloom.

My girls are home on spring break. It’s been a bit like March madness. Despite my older daughter’s post-finals-and-trip-to-the-Bahamas cold, we’ve been looking for prom and graduation dresses. And we’re waiting on college decisions. My best friend’s daughter just got into MIT; we’re taking that as a sign of good luck.  Fingers crossed.

Until our trees are abloom like Natalie’s in London, we’ll keep dreaming of spring-like weather, and acceptances.


what's new


Double-breasted wool jacket


Long-line twill blazer


Double-breasted twill blazer


LouLou suede mules


Gold-tone, crystal and horn earrings


Robbed cotton top


Oxidized silver enamel earrings


The rockstud leather point-toe flats


Lace-up cotton-blend corset belt


Hammock leather and raffia tote


Lace-up cotton-blend waist belt


Small textured-leather tote

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  • This has been the gloomiest spring ever. thanks for posting such a pretty photo. and i love the personal touch of hearing about your daughters. growing up fast!

    margaretMarch 20th, 2014  7:55 AM

  • Love the shot of blooms, thank you.
    It is snowing here in Ontario. Enough said.

    SueMMarch 20th, 2014  9:20 AM

  • March madness is a perfect way to describe the month for seniors graduating everywhere. It’s the turning point in their last year in high school when big decisions are made and the countdown really begins. Having been through it, all I can say is enjoy every minute of the process…the acceptances, the prom, the graduation…they’re memories for a lifetime. Best wishes for a happy warm spring ahead too!

    A Note On StyleMarch 20th, 2014  9:55 AM

  • That looks like a view from the Egerton House in London, my favorite hotel in the world!!!! Oh how I love London.

    Tori MordecaiMarch 20th, 2014  9:57 AM

  • Thanks for the gorgeous photo and the reminder that spring will soon be upon us!!

    Sue TothMarch 20th, 2014  10:00 AM

  • Everything abloom at once but beautiful star magnolia in the foreground —

    KathyMarch 20th, 2014  1:33 PM

  • I love cherry blossoms! Thanks for the beautiful pic. I can imagine the aroma and I am already smiling brighter. My fingers are crossed for your girl, and sending her light!!


    Kristin BungartMarch 20th, 2014  2:01 PM

  • We had the wettest winter on record so it’s lovely to have some sunshine, at last! All the cherry blossom and magnolia trees have gone into overdrive, London’s looking beautiful at the moment.

    That's Not My AgeMarch 20th, 2014  2:09 PM

  • I am from the UK and I could tell your image was from London also 😉 For once the weather has been fab and the cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere. It’s really not that typical 😉

    Vanessa VinosMarch 20th, 2014  3:21 PM

  • I can’t skip over the wonderful news of best friend’s daughter getting into MIT. I’m still of an age where I remember, “we’ve come a long way, baby.” Yes, hoping your daughter gets her first choice.

    margoMarch 21st, 2014  12:07 AM


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