March 31st, 2014
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My Uniform

When KiC first launched, I had written on my bio page “loves camel and grey”.  Along with “has horses, dogs, and lives on the water”, both still hold true (although the bio page is long gone).

Needless to say, when I saw this pic on Pinterest, it felt very “me”. The look is similar to what I wear today, and have worn forever–  it’s my uniform.

I keep thinking about the Saint Laurent Lulu in camel, but grey is super chic too…


what's new


Tie-neck dress


Rockstud sliders


Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings

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  • Lovely photo – I live in grey with navy or khaki. That Saint Laurent bag is beautiful.

    That's Not My AgeMarch 31st, 2014  3:49 AM

  • Super chic. Timeless at its best

    melanieMarch 31st, 2014  4:29 AM

  • and the watch is super chic as well!!

    FionaMarch 31st, 2014  9:06 AM

  • Love that look, especially on you with your blond hair!

    NinnaMarch 31st, 2014  9:20 AM

  • Love, love the color combination. I remember your bio and it has stayed with me, and now I love wearing camel and grey. Very stylish. I also love the Saint Laurent bag. Gorgeous shade of grey. Thanks for your blog. It has made putting looks together so much more fun and not the chore it used to be. It has also made me realize that as you say you only need a few quality purchases per season to create a chic look and it saves me money in the end. Thank-you Preston.

    ChristinaMarch 31st, 2014  9:29 AM

  • Photos like these leave me wondering what attracts people to the loud, splashy colors and prints the magazine editors keep throwing at us. This is timeless chic at its best. Thank you, Preston!

    AliMarch 31st, 2014  9:47 AM

  • I have had people comment on my clothing…why don’t I wear prints or bright colors? I too have a uniform…and it took a while to get to it, although it’s been with me for a long time now. I haven’t worn prints in years…and my wardrobe consists primarily of jeans, black pants, black, white, gray or camel tops, including jackets and coats. I will occasionally bring in some color in scarves.

    I’ve been on this earth for almost 63 years, and this manner of dressing suits me…and that is my reply to those who tell me to wear prints and bright colors!

    bisbeeMarch 31st, 2014  11:28 AM

  • I’ve been a fan of grey and camel for a few years now. I love those grey jeans, remind me of a pair I have by Level 99 that are so comfy I live in them. Now I just need that purse!! I agree with the comment above – so simple and sooo chic!

    Kristin BungartMarch 31st, 2014  11:50 AM

  • Love a uniform! The more I evolve the more my uniform reflects the woman I am

    stylemepaigeMarch 31st, 2014  2:19 PM

  • This is definitely my look as well – great minds!

    MaryMarch 31st, 2014  3:45 PM

  • Beautiful post! I wear grey, camel, navy, white and black. That’s my uniform, it works and it suits me. Only one sales associate in my extensive shopping career got it and never pushed bright colors on me. Needless to say, she gets most of my business.

    JulieMarch 31st, 2014  4:09 PM

  • Refinement at its best!
    Now, if only I could find that sweater ,,, and the coat 😉

    JaneMarch 31st, 2014  4:59 PM

  • I love these colors and wear them all fall and winter. How do I lighten up for spring and summer? Gray and camel don’t seem as appealing in warm weather.

    OrbApril 3rd, 2014  12:19 AM

  • I love camel and gray so much, I had my sofa covered in light gray leather with camel leather bolster pillows. Still hunting for the perfect gray and camel bags.

    SamApril 4th, 2014  7:38 AM


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