April 15th, 2014
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Rain Bonnet

It’s raining, I’m hauling around bags from my trip to L.A., and I don’t have a free hand for an umbrella. Years ago, my friend gave me a rain bonnet like the one Hanne Gaby Odiele was snapped wearing at the Paris shows. I remember thinking that I would never be caught dead in a bonnet– well, I would today.


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  • I remember my mother and friends would not go out in the rain without one of these rain bonnets. I don’t recall them looking as chic, if fact, I am certain that they didn’t. I am with you in the “not caught dead” camp.

    Karen KloppApril 15th, 2014  9:07 AM

  • Of course Hanne Gabby Odiele would look chic in a rain bonnet! But, I’m betting so would you too, Preston.

    Kristin BungartApril 15th, 2014  9:18 AM

  • Saw one on Net a Porter yesterday by Eugenia Kim and it was so darn cute, I thought the same and did not add to cart, I may give a second thought.

    ameeApril 15th, 2014  9:21 AM

  • Sometimes practicality controls, hence the rain hat.

    AprilApril 15th, 2014  9:28 AM

  • Well, if you really want to go there… saw some “umbrella hats” in rainy Portland and Seattle that would really make a statement. 😉

    SamanthaApril 15th, 2014  11:09 AM

  • It would be brilliant if Hermes made one.

    Sara G.April 15th, 2014  1:52 PM

  • Much prefer a hat. More efficient and infinitely more chic. “Ironic” chic only works in context: seriously young, gorgeous, obviously able to pull off any look. Otherwise: no.

    tunieApril 15th, 2014  2:19 PM

  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion for protecting the coif!

    DawnApril 15th, 2014  3:12 PM

  • I fear this plastic rain bonnet only works in the movies–imagine going to the grocery store in that thing! Imagine it on school runs behind the wheel of a station wagon. I vote for a beautiful, large umbrella and place packages in some sort of tote. Umbrellas feel more romantic and add the same polish as a pair of gloves.

    PaulaApril 15th, 2014  6:35 PM

  • I prefer umbrellas, but I do possess a large leopard-print rain hat that makes me look rather like Paddington gone wrong.

    joannawnycApril 16th, 2014  9:48 AM

  • So funny, Preston! I see the function but I would feel so frumpy sporting that look. hehe! I prefer the hood of my raincoat– one less thing to keep track of while on the move.

    ValerieApril 16th, 2014  10:52 AM

  • My nan used to wear one!

    That's Not My AgeApril 18th, 2014  10:58 AM

  • I’m mid-late 50s and I’ve worn the pleated kind of rain hat for as long as I can remember, lately with or without an umbrella. I prefer them to the type the model is wearing – look neater, more comfortable and the rain runs off better down the pleats. They’re a million times more useful than the horrible dirt-cheap plastic ponchos and Reject Shop umbrellas you see all over the place these days.

    Helena HandcartApril 20th, 2014  9:03 AM

  • I’m in love with the sweater… Where may it be purchased? Thanks!

    Dara WarrenApril 24th, 2014  8:23 PM


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