May 10th, 2014
It Item

I Recant

Petit Bateau

Although the striped nautical tee has been all the rage forever, I’ve bucked the trend and tried to find any number of alternatives. But, for some reason, the perennial favorite feels fresh this summer and I am stocking up. I especially love it as a layering piece, where you only see a bit à la Sarah Ruston.

Petit Bateau & Saint James unisex nautical tee


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  • What made y relent ?

    SheilaMay 10th, 2014  9:05 AM

  • Perhaps it’s not so ubiquitous right now, and thus feels fresh…

    PrestonMay 10th, 2014  10:02 AM

  • still my fav look

    jiffyMay 10th, 2014  10:24 AM

  • I think the green color with the black and white stripes makes the look more fresh! Luv your posts!

    CariMay 10th, 2014  10:24 AM

  • It’s a classic! I love it and can’t give it up.

    Lauren@StyleseerMay 10th, 2014  10:37 AM

  • That is a look I’ve always appreciated more on others than myself.

    BarbaraMay 10th, 2014  10:58 AM

  • Why is it that I always feel like the striped nautical long sleeved t looks better on others in photos than it does on me? Every time I put one on it feels wrong. And I keep buying them with hopes the next one will work!

    PaulaMay 10th, 2014  11:13 AM

  • It has been my uniform for a very long time. I even have a photo from my honeymoon in the iconic stripes– that was almost 19 years ago!

    Helene DamerisMay 10th, 2014  12:21 PM

  • So timeless and classic, yet modern!

    SophiaMay 10th, 2014  3:04 PM

  • Paula I can never make them work on me either! Coincidentally I gave two striped long sleeved tees away yesterday. They were nice ones but every time I’d wear one of them, I’d hate the feeling and look on me, but mysteriously I have no idea why. I see them in stores and gravitate towards them but as of a year or so ago now, I tell myself “No! No stripes for you! Step away!” and now I do step away and I’m much happier for it. Ha ha must be something from a past life as clearly the look is a classic.

    JustineMay 10th, 2014  5:51 PM

  • never gets old. armorlux are my favorite.

    KennyMay 10th, 2014  7:29 PM

  • I have several. Love ’em–just the thing when I don’t want to be too done up, but don’t want to look like I just stepped out from garden work.

    pindaMay 10th, 2014  8:30 PM

  • Perhaps you should try a nautical tee from Cos? Maybe the slightly A-shaped. It works for me! 🙂

    HanneMay 11th, 2014  6:14 AM


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