May 17th, 2014
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Going To Great Lengths

There were a number of comments about skirt lengths on my LWD post. More specifically, concerns about the DvF dress being too short, and that there’s a dearth of knee-length options available. We should be heartened by the WSJ article on The Row—  that the Olsen sisters are designing for us. Also, Tomas Maier’s resort collection is packed with the lengths we are looking for. And I’ll keep my eye out for more dresses and skirts cut to the knee.


what's new


Silk scarf black


Leather jacket


Ankle boots


Shearling-lined jacket


Washed-satin skirt


Embellished pumps


Silk scarf




Velvet sandals


Wool skirt


Denim ankle boots


Leather shoulder bag

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  • Thank you!

    JillMay 17th, 2014  8:35 AM

  • I am always searching for knee length, no more minis for me…

    Ridgely's RadarMay 17th, 2014  8:46 AM

  • I’m 5’3″, and for the past several years, I’ve been taking dresses / skirts to the tailor to have them lengthened!

    LilyMay 17th, 2014  9:42 AM

  • About time, thanks.

    CindalaMay 17th, 2014  10:04 AM

  • It’s cold in my for too many months to stay covered in the summer

    SheilaMay 17th, 2014  12:14 PM

  • I have been wondering for a long time why finding knee length dresses was so difficult, so I started my own dress line. Have been selling through trunk shows in San Francisco. Web will be live in June.
    Lady-like knee length dresses.

    Kim BachmannMay 18th, 2014  6:58 PM

  • Agreed. Can’t walk into boardroom in a mini. Thanks!!

    And P.S. to any designers who may be listening: if you want to go ‘short’, at least give us a very generous hem.

    Liz LMay 21st, 2014  2:10 PM


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