June 24th, 2014
Street Style

The Right Length

I love denim shorts for the country, but most are too short for the city. These are not only the perfect length, they have the perfect amount of frayed edge. Now, I just have to track them down, or even, make my own.

Image © Tommy Ton for style.com


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  • Love! This length should be regulation.

    ToriJune 24th, 2014  8:36 PM

  • I agree…there are certain places to wear my shorter ones, but I also have these (or similar to): https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/shorts/denim/PRDOVR~A0813/A0813.jsp

    MaryJune 24th, 2014  9:45 PM

  • Darling jean shorts! So flattering, so much fresher than the super-short ones, which always come off looking slightly trashy. Yes to ‘regulation length!!’

    PaulaJune 25th, 2014  12:55 AM

  • You must be reading my mind! I live in England and it is very warm at the moment. The amount of girls and women I see wearing tiny little denim shorts in the city is incredible! This length is perfect, very classy.

    LilyJune 25th, 2014  2:26 AM

  • This is a wonderful look! I also love her hair…mine is longer at the moment than it’s been in years – a touch below my shoulders – and I’m loving it! I doubt that I will let it get much longer…I am an old lady (63) and if it got longer I’d probably have to wear it up or tied back or something similar!

    Back to the shorts – what I can’t stand with the shorter lengths are when the pockets are longer than the shorts. I can give that look a pass if the wearer is under 16, but when did that become a “look”? Horrible! The cutoffs you posted are perfect!

    bisbeeJune 25th, 2014  7:45 AM

  • Alas, for me wearing shorts is not putting my best foot forward. I do love them though !

    AprilJune 25th, 2014  9:41 AM

  • The denim underpants under-butt exposed look is horrific. I love the shorts in this picture!

    Babs KJune 25th, 2014  9:54 AM

  • Just ordered the J Crew ones, thanks for the tip, Mary!! Fingers crossed they are flattering! Great post, as always!

    CariJune 25th, 2014  2:48 PM

  • Let us know when you find out whAT BRAND THESE ARE!!!

    maryJune 25th, 2014  5:00 PM

  • Cari – please let me low if they work for you! I unrolled the cuff and seriously the frayed edge and the short themselves look just like these. I have a lighter wash that is sold out than the one I posted, but they are the same short and very similar in color. Mine are probably from last year.

    MaryBJune 25th, 2014  11:26 PM


    MargaretSJune 28th, 2014  5:46 AM


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