July 22nd, 2014
On The Hunt For

A Navy Blazer

Emmanuelle Alt

I’m now looking for a new navy blazer in earnest. Like the Balmain favored by Emmanuelle Alt, I want one that’s perfect with jeans.


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  • Navy blazer = fabulous.
    Gold buttons = not so much….. They date and look too 1980’s and frumpy. Think “Duchess” Sarah Ferguson.

    I have one from UK brand Joseph that I wear time and time again.

    BeccaJuly 22nd, 2014  5:37 PM

  • I like Burberry blazers, I have one in black, navy, taupe and white! They are longer which is what I want.

    McMineokJuly 22nd, 2014  7:39 PM

  • Hmmm. It could be that different things look good on different people. I think they can lend an air of total elegance in many cases. It’s a totally subjective thing, but I rarely second guess the exquisite Emmanuelle.

    AliJuly 22nd, 2014  7:40 PM

  • Veronica Beard’s navy is great- Comes with the fisherman’s knit dickey which I wear with and without and interchange.

    annie andersonJuly 22nd, 2014  10:40 PM

  • Miu Miu makes a classic navy that’s ideal, I’ve had it for years and it is fantastic. I also have a JCrew with gold buttons that i bought for a time I could afford the Balmain, but has worked out great in the meantime.

    FernandaJuly 22nd, 2014  11:39 PM

  • What’s great about the Balmain blazer Ms Alt is wearing is the exquisite structured shape – very Mugleresque. The sharp shoulders and very nipped in waist really flatter her slim shape. And she’s wearing it with one of her casual linen t-shirts (Isabel Marant?) and faded jeans with a tough and casual belt. The buttons are the only “jewellery”/bling. I have a Malene Birger navy blazer with a cream lining which is fitted at the waist and I’m now off to try a similar look ha!

    JillJuly 23rd, 2014  4:12 AM

  • Agreed with you Jill on shape, which modernizes the gold buttons to deflect any thoughts of the 80s power suit. I too cannot afford and the jcrew looks like what it’s called..a school boy blazer. Joseph runs like Stella very long in the torso. I am looking too!

    SheilaJuly 23rd, 2014  7:03 AM

  • Gold buttons on a classic navy blazer just go together. It’s not a fashion trend to me, just a classic item you buy and wear for many years with confidence it is in good taste.

    AprilJuly 23rd, 2014  9:16 AM

  • Thank you for this post. After the equestrian post I was going to ask what you were thinking for a navy blazer. I have the JCrew double breasted boyfriend that I bought on a whim on sale. I will put that on today with white jeans, striped tee when we fly out of Long Island. I do have the Balmain navy wool preordered but it has the silver buttons this year or at least that is all I saw in navy wool. Any thoughts on button color? I can NOT decide but have thought to wear silver and then buy a really good set on gold for later and have them changed? I can’t wait to hear what you decide to buy.

    MaryBJuly 23rd, 2014  9:30 AM

  • Preston, You have inspired me. I bought a beautiful navy blazer at Hermes today. Elegant fit! Love the idea of it for fall.
    I bought the matching trousers which I’m going to see if I feel like wearing together.
    Do you think pant suits will feel right this fall?

    LBSJuly 23rd, 2014  1:58 PM

  • I too have the JCrew School Boy in navy with gold buttons, and definitely have got my money’s worth.

    ameeJuly 23rd, 2014  2:09 PM

  • I haven’t worn a blazer in ages, as I prefer a more unstructured look. But it is idea worth considering. The ones in your shop are classic.

    pindaJuly 24th, 2014  12:26 PM

  • Here is one I think you might like: http://www.fash365.com/2014/09/classic-blazer-chameleon-in-your-closet.html

    Cate AdairSeptember 26th, 2014  7:55 PM


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