July 25th, 2014
On My Mind


Today marks the midpoint of my daughter’s summer vacation. It’s bittersweet because we know that the second half always goes by faster than the first.

Many of my friends have not gone on vacation yet, August is their month. When I was a child, we spent the entire summer on Martha’s Vineyard. We’d arrive in June when it was still too cold to swim, and leave Labor Day when the evenings were starting to cool. There were July people, August people, and a few full-season families like ourselves. I remember getting back to Boston after almost three months away, and my bedroom would seem both familiar and unfamiliar.

I don’t spend the entire summer on the Vineyard anymore. We have work and activities that keep us closer to home. And I’m not sure I’d want to. All of my childhood friends still go there, however, I’m fine with a week or two.

These days, I’m more interested in exploring new places, rather than settling into one spot for a few months. I’m inspired by a list of amazing beaches on The Tory Burch Blog, and may use it as a travel guide.



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Quant leopard-print calf hair ankle boots


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Brixton horsebit-detailed leather collapsible-heel loafers


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Eva silk crepe de chine blouse


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Crossover velvet flatform sandals


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  • I’m with you Preston. Although there are many lovely places we’d like to return to again and again..there are just so many more new adventures to be had.

    Sue B @highheelsinthewilderness.blogspot.caJuly 25th, 2014  9:57 AM

  • That photograph is stunning. Do you know where it was taken?

    TriciaJuly 25th, 2014  10:20 AM

  • I’m with you! The routine of showing up at the same spot with ‘regulars’ begins to feels like living at a country club. The old spots of the east coast are now glam, overrun with motorcades, ‘celebrities’ and Range Rovers blocking the view. We recently discovered the simple, pure joys of the National Parks (as did Marie Chantal) and getting outside of the one percenters bubble. One of the best trips we ever had was driving/ferrying through the Maritime provinces of Canada, staying at B&B’s; then picking up Canada Rail across the country to Victoria Island. Alaska is also something everyone should see and experience at least once.

    PaulaJuly 25th, 2014  12:56 PM

  • Tricia: Monterosso Beach, Italy (from the Tory Burch Website).

    its just lovey. I see unclaimed beach chairs! – I’d love to be there right now.

    LilyJuly 25th, 2014  2:23 PM

  • The picture I grabbed is Italy too– the Cinque Terre.

    PrestonJuly 25th, 2014  5:20 PM

  • We still have our time at Tahoe each summer, but, like Paula, are trying new places. We are also going to the National Parks and have started exploring the Oregon coastline. Not a lot of sunning/swimming, but the scenery is gorgeous. And so fun to poke around discovering new restaurants and wineries.

    pindaJuly 25th, 2014  9:09 PM

  • What an amazing photo. Love how vivid the color is.

    HollyJuly 29th, 2014  1:40 PM


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