September 6th, 2014
Street Style

Collarless Cool

The Row striped collarless shirt paired with dark denim is a good look. Love the low ponytail and Céline bag tucked under Linn Hägglund‘s arm.

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  • so perfect! M.D.S.

    mark d. sikesSeptember 6th, 2014  9:03 PM

  • I had a handful of collarless (band collar) shirts made years ago. Makes me want to try them again!

    TorySeptember 7th, 2014  8:09 AM

  • Yes! Any idea on the brand of the shirt?

    Beth M.September 7th, 2014  8:13 AM

  • This I have decided is a need in my wardrobe, who and where has similar?

    DiSeptember 7th, 2014  8:56 AM

  • The shirt is The Row.

    PrestonSeptember 7th, 2014  9:27 AM

  • It’s the sleeves on the shirt that make it for me – love

    JenniferSeptember 7th, 2014  10:26 AM

  • $950. Gulp.

    Ann Mashburn has a few popovers that are similar…

    Beth M.September 7th, 2014  12:34 PM

  • I have this and it’s so great to wear – goes with everything else in my wardrobe ie leather pants and jeans so well !

    PennySeptember 7th, 2014  4:36 PM

  • I’ve been noticing more collarless shirts. Used to wear them years ago. I’ll have to give them a try again.

    pindaSeptember 7th, 2014  7:44 PM

  • I really love this style, a bit Céline, very American classic ! The understated look is such a hit, and I love it !
    This is a contributor to Elin Kling’s website by the way 🙂

    CarolineSeptember 8th, 2014  5:21 AM

  • Try Cristaseya for collarless and collared shirts and shirtdresses. Beautiful quality and classic fabrics. Shirtdresses are my favourite so I am always on the lookout

    MauraSeptember 8th, 2014  4:06 PM


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