September 11th, 2014
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The Longer The Better

You know all those ribbed J. Crew tops I’ve been amassing (and going on and on about)? Well, I bought a size XL so I can wear them long like the women above. Since they are ribbed, they don’t look enormous and I get the length. I’m into this length, tbc.

Both tops are Zara? LOVE that!

Images © and CollageVintage


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Linen top


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  • Both are Zara!

    Brenda CraigSeptember 11th, 2014  1:06 PM

  • The shot on the right would be even better with white jeans and brown shoes.

    LeslieSeptember 11th, 2014  3:38 PM

  • I guess I’ll be stocking up on this trend. I love long sweaters.

    Pret a Porter PSeptember 11th, 2014  4:19 PM

  • Oh this is good news, I’m tall & much prefer longer length tops.

    That's Not My AgeSeptember 11th, 2014  5:40 PM

  • Can look like a shmata on us petite women

    SheilaSeptember 11th, 2014  8:29 PM

  • Looks great if your slender. It just hangs on the body. If not it’s not a great look. Buying it large might help.

    NancySeptember 12th, 2014  10:00 AM

  • The key is to have high side vents on tunic sweaters, as shown. They allow for a floaty, more flattering A-line. Ribbed or thermal weave sweaters can look bulky or sausage-y without vents, on anyone, and especially do no favors for curvy gals if they look too pulled across the hips.

    SusanSeptember 12th, 2014  11:28 AM

  • Just bought the tunic in grey and another in black. Does anyone know who makes the cute mules she is wearing?

    ErinSeptember 12th, 2014  1:28 PM


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