September 12th, 2014
Louis Vuitton Campaign

Monogram’s Moment

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton has launched a new monogram collection with Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Rei Kawakubo, and Mark Newson collaborating on the designs. I’ll admit that I’ve shelved my LV monogram pieces except for luggage–perhaps I’ll bring out my Speedy, maybe…

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton


what's new


Pierce Hobo large suede shoulder bag


High-neck pleated crepe de Chine jacket


Set of two gold-plated rings


Cotton-Polio wrap midi skirt


Gold-plated chunky cuff


One-shoulder crepe top


A-line linen mini skirt


Hammock small leather and raffia tote


Le Cuffed mid-rise stretch-cotton shorts


Poplin midi dress


The City Knot shoulder bag


Belted voile midi dress

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  • I like the collaborations, but I really find the whole LV brand a bit tiresome. In my opinion the ubiquitousness of the LV logo has really diminished my desire to acquire or carry any more pieces.

    ErinSeptember 12th, 2014  8:53 AM

  • I’ll always love my Louis Vuitton – classic.

    NancySeptember 12th, 2014  11:34 AM

  • I don’t really like the Vuitton Monogram, but I do agree the suitcases are great ! I like the fact that Vuitton always collaborates with great artists, and manages to bring art and fashion together !

    CarolineSeptember 12th, 2014  12:01 PM

  • Some of the styles are really cute! I’d also curious it they can revive the LV logo bags. I often think I’d like a neverfull, but have hesitated about getting one….

    LilySeptember 12th, 2014  12:48 PM

  • Agreed. That’s why I’ve become a Tod’s fan.

    kimSeptember 12th, 2014  12:55 PM

  • I have a monogram belt, which I really like, but that is as far as I will go…

    GPSSeptember 12th, 2014  2:26 PM

  • Not to be too stalkery or anything, but pretty sure I spotted you at pickup today – welcome!

    EllaSeptember 12th, 2014  9:23 PM

  • For my taste, a little monogram goes a long way. The backpacks shown above with some sort of fuzzy/furry thing going on are nothing short of disastrous. Big name collaborators do not guarantee good taste: “too many cooks spoil the broth.” LV vinyl monogram bags scream ‘overseas tourist bus just pulled in!’ For the money, why not buy a beautiful (leather, non-label) Bottega, Tod’s, Ferragamo, or towards an Hermes bag. : )

    PaulaSeptember 13th, 2014  12:48 AM

  • Hi Ella,
    I was waiting with my older daughter who is heading off to college. Please say hello, we were a Chapin family so I’m starting all over again…
    Thank you for reaching out,

    PrestonSeptember 13th, 2014  6:26 AM

  • Thank you, Paula.

    AliSeptember 13th, 2014  8:10 AM

  • The only Vuitton bag I carry is my grandmas monogram 55 keepall. I’m really tired of it and I am much more into either the epi leather or Sophia Coppola collaboration. Also I never really liked the artists collaborations, I very much enjoy yayoi kusama as an artist but certainly not as a print on a neverfull. Just doesn’t work for me. Just like the Stephen sprouse collab. Horrendous. And so terribly show off

    SvenjaSeptember 13th, 2014  9:45 AM

  • My mom always said, “Why would you want someone else’s initials on your luggage?”. I’m inclined to agree.

    AnnSeptember 13th, 2014  11:48 AM


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