September 28th, 2014

Gone Girl

Hopefully, the movie will be as fun as the book. And the soundtrack should be good, too. Opens October 3.


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The rockstud leather point-toe flats


Lace-up cotton-blend corset belt


Hammock leather and raffia tote


Lace-up cotton-blend waist belt


Small textured-leather tote

Mother Of Pearl

Cotton-blend tweed hooded top

The Row

Strapless smocked stretch cotton-blend poplin midi dress


Silk crepe de chine and ribbed-knit dress


Stretch-knit boots


Cotton-blend poplin trench coat


Cropped cotton-blend straight-leg pants


Poplin midi dress

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  • First movie I’ve looked forward to since before the summer. Should be a lot of fun, and love the casting.

    KathySeptember 28th, 2014  4:38 PM

  • Agree! With the world in chaos, it’s nice to have some escapist fun on the horizon!

    AliSeptember 28th, 2014  7:05 PM

  • I read the book…or I should say, I tried to read the book. I struggled through the first part, wondering why I was having such a hard time with it, since all I read were glowing reviews. Then I found some people who felt the way I did, so I just stopped reading it. I hated it – couldn’t stand the characters – I thought perhaps I might go back some day and try again. I figured maybe I would with the movie coming out…nope, couldn’t do it. I did wonder what happened, so instead of seeing the film I found a site with spoilers.

    Different strokes…

    bisbeeSeptember 29th, 2014  9:10 AM

  • I read the book 2 summers ago, I think, when it became the sleeper hit of the summer. The characters aren’t that likable but the story was intriguing enough to hold my interest. I’m glad they cast a relative newcomer for Amy. Can understand why they may have wanted a well know lead though in Nick, and I think Ben Affleck looks right in the character, but personally, a bit too old for it. The uniqueness of the drama, in my opinion, lies in the fact it unfolds in the social media world of today and how a news story takes on a life of its own which may or may not have any relation to the truth. Also, the impact of the economic downturn on the characters makes it very relevant to current times. Interested in seeing it, too!

    AprilSeptember 29th, 2014  9:51 AM

  • Sometimes, girls just want to have fun! And this will be the movie for it! Fun book, great discussion with my ladies in Book Club, and now excited to see it on the big screen…..not liking the characters is all a part of it!!!
    April’s observations are right on target….this is a story for today. Blessings

    SheriSeptember 29th, 2014  10:50 AM

  • I can’t wait to see this

    That's Not My AgeOctober 2nd, 2014  6:39 AM


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