October 24th, 2014
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‘Positively 4th Street’

Vogue USA - November 2014

Romantic long skirts and pretty prints, I think a dose of femininity would do my wardrobe some good. The November issue of Vogue has a number of great stories.

Vogue USA - November 2014

Vogue USA - November 2014


Vogue USA - November 2014

Vogue USA - November 2014


Vogue USA - November 2014


Vogue USA - November 2014

Photography by Inez and Vinoodh    Styling by Grace Coddington


what's new


Camilla one-shoulder textured-organic cotton maxi dress


Nude leatter sandals


Knotted sleeve-waist wool sweater


Paradise high-rise jeans


Nude leather sandals


Pearl ribbed-knit wool sweater


Cropped leather trousers


Ryder leather shoulder bag


Square sunglasses


Ran draped silk-satin mini dress


Lace-trimmed shirred floral-print silk-crepe midi dress


Raquel cropped denim jeans

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  • Love this 70s vibe! So romantic, so cool!

    AnaOctober 23rd, 2014  7:27 PM

  • Love these looks. These are some great pieces and I love the way they are paired together! Great pictures and styling.


    DeniseOctober 23rd, 2014  9:48 PM

  • I’m falling in love with all those looks!
    Preston, your blog is the best

    MillaOctober 24th, 2014  3:34 AM

  • The lace up boots are spectacular!

    gpcOctober 24th, 2014  8:59 AM

  • LOVE the last look.

    MarcyOctober 24th, 2014  10:08 AM

  • If anyone can style a story like this and make it look like proper vintage its Grace Coddington. I’ll be getting a pair of those brown granny boots for sure.

    RTGOctober 24th, 2014  10:32 AM

  • Love all of it, the photography, the jewelry, the clothes, the styling…and it has Grace Coddington written all over it. Totally fab.

    Jill AnthonyOctober 24th, 2014  10:38 AM

  • The coat and boots in the black and white photo are amazing. Love!

    A Note On StyleOctober 24th, 2014  10:54 AM

  • I wore a version of these looks in the 70’s so probably won’t be going back there, with the exception of the boots perhaps? I really love them. Grace Coddington did a fantastic job of styling here, and I do think it’s a great look on women younger than me. My daughter would want it all!

    KathyOctober 24th, 2014  11:48 AM

  • Coddington nailed it! As the model “then” and the stylist “now” she brings great authenticity to every detail.

    samanthaOctober 24th, 2014  12:13 PM

  • I do love the looks – very nostalgic. This is what I used to wear (or wanted to) when I was in my early 20s.

    My only comment is that this model, like some others I’ve seen recently, is thin to the point of emaciation. That is very disturbing.

    bisbeeOctober 24th, 2014  1:46 PM

  • I agree, I can’t stop loving “boho”, we used to call it the ” peasant” look, especially in this dressy, luxurious interpretation. Maybe its nostalgia for me, but it combines so may feminine details in a sophisticated way.

    AprilOctober 24th, 2014  2:13 PM

  • What will Vogue do when Grace retires…if she retires?! Love her work….and the stories that her fashion shoots seem to tell.

    Sue B @highheelsinthewilderness.blogspot.caOctober 24th, 2014  4:41 PM

  • I saw these images and thought how beautiful. Read on that it is Grace Coddington’s work and thought well that explains it! I love Grace Coddington’s work even when I don’t know it is hers.

    CiaraOctober 24th, 2014  5:18 PM

  • What a beautiful story! The emerald skirt is my favorite, but not by too much. Thank you Preston for giving me another reason to eagerly anticipate Vogue in my mailbox! And Grace, wow…what a wonderful eye…

    EllenOctober 25th, 2014  9:48 AM

  • Absolutely love!!! 70’s chic a classic look that should live on forever. Thanks for sharing !!!


    MarjieOctober 25th, 2014  10:45 AM

  • This is such a fabulous editorial ! Apparently, seventies are back 🙂 I much prefer getting inspired by this period rather than a first degree look, but they had such an amazing style back then !


    CarolineOctober 25th, 2014  1:23 PM

  • Amen Caroline – these looks are nostalgic and best left for inspiration unless you are Stevie mivks

    SheilaOctober 26th, 2014  5:33 PM

  • Stevie Nicks pardon the iphone

    SheilaOctober 26th, 2014  5:34 PM

  • We all know the origins of the title, right?

    janeOctober 26th, 2014  10:26 PM


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