November 18th, 2014


I love the ’70s vibe of the Mango SS15 campaign with model Anna Ewers. I remember my older sister looking just like this.

Photography by Josh Olins  Styling by Geraldine Saglio


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Silk scarf


Velvet sandals




Leather boots


Striped sweater


Silk scarf black


Leather jacket


Ankle boots


Shearling-lined jacket


Washed-satin skirt


Embellished pumps



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  • I had a suede jacket so similar, that I had a visceral reaction to seeing this photo, as I remember every detail of it, and shopping for it. I think it marked the first time I was seriously interested in fashion, and wouldn’t let my mother rest until I had it.

    KathyNovember 18th, 2014  9:44 AM

  • The brown suede reminds me of a coat or dress Ali McGraw wore in The Getaway. Very 70s!

    LindaNovember 18th, 2014  11:41 AM

  • Love this shot Preston. Growing up my glamorous (at least to me) older sister had long blonde hair and a beautiful caramel coloured suede jumper/tunic under which she wore a white ruffled blouse. Sigh. I remember every detail of it and longed to inherit it when I grew up. Sadly by then the fashions had changed and the tunic was long gone. I wonder if my sister remembers it as well…I must ask her.

    Sue B @highheelsinthewilderness.blogspot.caNovember 18th, 2014  1:02 PM

  • I, too, had the suede jacket with belt and this photo has completely reminded me of it! Wore it everywhere. Can’t believe high school girls could afford to wear suede back then. I wish young ladies today could wear quality clothing as we could in the 70’s. This photo is very Peggy Lipton–Mod Squad.

    PaulaNovember 19th, 2014  1:31 AM

  • I remember those jackets! My older cousins wore them.

    I was a bit too young for one so tried to substitute a 1940s hand-me-down from my grandmother (bought on a trip to Argentina). Not quite the same thing but still love the memory of the honey-camel suede.

    joannawnycNovember 19th, 2014  10:08 AM

  • Preston, I AM your older sister (or at least one of them) and I’m quite certain I never looked like this. I do, however, have photos of you with that far-away look, the soft tan suede coat, and the long, ethereal blond hair shadowing your lovely face. You haven’t changed.

    ericaNovember 19th, 2014  9:51 PM


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