December 26th, 2014
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The Fur + Bag Dilemma

One of the reasons I haven’t been wearing my furs, besides the fact that it hasn’t been that cold, is a bag issue. When I’m running around, I will not carry a handbag or clutch, only shoulder and crossbody. So here’s my concern—I’m worried that the strap will cut a groove into the shoulder of the coat. When I can, I wear the bag underneath but, that’s not always an option. I realize that this dilemma sounds silly (and shallow) but, I see so many other women with their bags outside their furs, it makes me wonder.

And don’t get me started on seat belts—I’m convinced that they’re ruining my sweaters…


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  • I remember when you told me about this dilemma 🙂 I see what you mean, but to me, this is not a problem… I always wear my bags over my coats or furs, and I haven’t had any issue with it just yet. Plus, the pictures here just show how fab a tiny cross body bag can look with a big fur coat !

    carolineDecember 26th, 2014  9:35 AM

  • Caroline,
    You inspired this post–I was looking at pictures of you in fab furs and shoulder bags!

    PrestonDecember 26th, 2014  9:51 AM

  • I would worry about the same thing, but no need for fur in LA. I did buy a Ric Owens suede jacket, and keep “saving” it because of the strap of the bag issue – Caroline or Preston, any thoughts? I don’t worry about leather jackets because they seem tougher.

    KathyDecember 26th, 2014  10:32 AM

  • I’d worry about suede too.

    PrestonDecember 26th, 2014  10:36 AM

  • I wear smaller bags cross body under the fur. Very much like the last picture in your post. I am absolutely convinced that purse straps ruin fur and suede. And I am with you on seat belts damaging cashmere and thin leather Unfortunately, I cannot avoid those.

    JulieDecember 26th, 2014  11:22 AM

  • I wear mine outside of my fur. I have narrow shoulders, so the fur keeps my strap on and frankly, it is the only time of the year that I don’t have to worry about my purse falling off. I have my furs serviced once a year and they still look wonderful.

    ChennillDecember 26th, 2014  11:25 AM

  • Living in Florida means no more fur for me but the words “Celine Bumbag” came to mind reading your post.

    KarenDecember 26th, 2014  11:58 AM

  • Haven’t thought about the fur dilemma but I can very much relate to the seat belt issue. I am convinced my soft tees all have small holes on the lower belly right above where the button of my pants lies because the seat belt rubs there and makes a hole. Very frustrating! Now I make sure to untuck my tees and pull them outside the belt to avoid holes!

    Lindley Pless, The SentimentalistDecember 26th, 2014  12:44 PM

  • I am having this same dilemma with an embellished coat. I’m afraid a strapped bag will harm the embroidery and appliqué. I plan to use a satchel bag, but would love a hands-free option. Look forward to any ideas and solutions here.

    Lisa FDecember 26th, 2014  12:59 PM

  • I totally relate to the seat belt issue. I have had coats and sweaters get that “pilled” look from them. The fabric for the belt is just too rough for many fabrics. I think there is a market to be made with a product that shields the clothing from contact with the belt. Takes more engineering than I am qualified for, but I did play around with an idea addressing it once. I know it may seem to elevate a trivial concern over a serious safety one, but the damage doesn’t appear necessary if some thought was given it by seat belt manufacturers. I like the bottom picture with the bag strap under the jacket. I think suede would definitely be affected by a chain strap and/or seat belt.

    AprilDecember 26th, 2014  4:06 PM

  • Tee hee … first world problem. Up there with ‘omg my diamond ring scratched my iPhone 6’. We’re so very lucky to have this worry aren’t we? The chain strap bags look excellent with the furs. Just wear your beautiful things and don’t worry so much.

    JustineDecember 26th, 2014  5:04 PM

  • Ps about the seat belt problem, my grandmother has found a sheepskin wrap that snaps over the seatbelt anywhere it is rubbing and causing discomfort, such as on her shoulder. It sort of looks like a wrist cuff. Maybe that sort of thing might help. I think it came from our local automobile club.

    JustineDecember 26th, 2014  5:07 PM

  • To protect textured and delicate fabrics while driving you can buy sheepskin seat belt covers from New Zealand. Try a search online. And thank you for this wonderful blog Preston – I look forward to your continued postings in 2015. Christine

    ChristineDecember 26th, 2014  10:13 PM

  • I’ve loved the fur look for so long but never found the right one for me. These examples are wonderful, love them all but the last one best because that’s my ideal of how I’d want to wear it.
    I would not be afraid to wear my bags on my shoulder or cross body over fur. I think if your bag is not overloaded and too heavy then it shouldn’t be a problem plus the amount of time running my errands is rarely all day long either.
    Happy Holidays to all!

    silkpathdiaryDecember 27th, 2014  9:33 AM

  • Not silly at all!
    I’m afraid too.but it’s better to relax

    MargaretDecember 27th, 2014  11:48 AM

  • My husband has a saying . . . ‘whatever you own owns you.’ It’s true that there are ‘issues’ that come with owning fur, suede, and gorgeous dresses and handbags, but we accept these burdens and soldier on! : ) One of the reasons I firmly believe young women should not get too bogged down with expensive possessions is that they really are a lot of work. Between having furs stored, suede protected, protecting good bags going through security checks, and holding my seat belt out away from party dresses or freshly pressed shirts en route to a party, it can all be exhausting!! Anyone who tries to claim ‘effortless chic’ is lying. : )

    PaulaDecember 27th, 2014  2:10 PM

  • Fur is not my thing but I did damage the shoulder of my 70’s Halston cashmere wrap coat with a cross body bag and that bag and I are no longer friends!

    RTGDecember 27th, 2014  3:47 PM

  • I love the scarf in the second photo! Does anyone know any details regarding?
    Thanks, Preston, for a beautiful blog. It makes my day.

    SherryDecember 27th, 2014  4:31 PM

  • I love these furs especially those in the first pic

    MillaDecember 28th, 2014  1:51 PM

  • Preston, where can a buy the furs in the first pic?

    GabrielaDecember 28th, 2014  5:25 PM

  • Hi Preston – Curious as to what your thoughts are on wearing a fur vest over a fitted wool coat?

    MaggieJanuary 20th, 2016  1:50 PM

  • Love that!

    PrestonJanuary 20th, 2016  2:27 PM


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