January 16th, 2015
Cool Collaboration

Alexa Chung + AG Jeans

Alexa Chung AG

So, you saw it here first (inadvertently), a sneak peek of the Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collaboration. Or the denim dress, at least. The jeans above are pretty great, too.

Alexa Chung AG


what's new


Double-breasted wool jacket


Long-line twill blazer


Double-breasted twill blazer


LouLou suede mules


Gold-tone, crystal and horn earrings


Robbed cotton top


Oxidized silver enamel earrings


The rockstud leather point-toe flats


Lace-up cotton-blend corset belt


Hammock leather and raffia tote


Lace-up cotton-blend waist belt


Small textured-leather tote

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  • That tee comes in a nice grey too!

    KelliJanuary 16th, 2015  3:28 PM

  • That’s funny cause I was in Selfridges earlier today, and I saw the collection ! I really liked the denim dresses, and the sweatshirt, but it screams ‘Alexa’ a little bit too much for me !

    carolineJanuary 16th, 2015  3:51 PM

  • I like her, she’s so nice and playful but too skinny
    Anyway I love AG jeans

    MillaJanuary 16th, 2015  5:09 PM

  • The jeans are cool!! Anyone knows what’s the style name of the jeans ? And is it flare or straight ?

    FionaJanuary 17th, 2015  11:50 AM

  • Love the jeans and dress! The flared high waisted jeans are a nice change from the skinnies of the past few years. I agree with Milla that she is too thin!

    Sue TothJanuary 17th, 2015  1:47 PM

  • Please, please, please do not turn this into a thread about weight.

    PrestonJanuary 17th, 2015  1:54 PM

  • I have a pair of jeans similar to one’s pictured above, Mother Cruisers in flare. I was hesitant to try the silhouette as it seemed tough to pull off. Her legs look for days, and mine, not so much. Surprisingly, I find the leg lengthening more flattering than expected and comfy but gives off a edgier vibe than my skinnies or straights. So give a try on if you are considering but unsure about fit.
    Thanks Preston-loving KIC as always.

    DanaJanuary 17th, 2015  4:00 PM

  • I ordered the dress on Netaporter, thanks to Keep It Chic for pointing me in the right direction!


    Jill vredikJanuary 17th, 2015  4:44 PM

  • I love the jeans. I was positive they were vintage but happy to know they’re AG,
    Alexa never fails to look amazing.


    joyJanuary 17th, 2015  7:52 PM

  • These are exactly the jeans I have been searching for. They are not on Netaporter. Even if they were they would be sold out immediately. Urgh. Any other source ideas?

    KeriDJanuary 18th, 2015  10:43 PM

  • The jeans are called ‘Revolution’ and I put them in the KiC shop last week.

    PrestonJanuary 19th, 2015  7:10 AM

  • Love the dress –
    I had an almost identical one about 10 years ago!

    bisbeeJanuary 19th, 2015  8:59 AM


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