January 18th, 2015
Valentino Gladiators

All Wrapped Up


These Valentino gladiators are good—really, really good. I prefer the more delicate silhouette—much better than the ones from two years ago when I first posted on the trend.


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Quant leopard-print calf hair ankle boots


Kellen ribbed cotton-blend tunic


Brixton horsebit-detailed leather collapsible-heel loafers


Emma shirtdress


Eva silk crepe de chine blouse


Linen-blend culottes


Crossover velvet flatform sandals


GV3 small textured-leather and suede shoulder bag


Almeria leather wedge espadrilles


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Bilbao mini tote


Ginger embellished two-tone textured-leather pumps

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  • For my taste, a shoe such as this is far too contrived. It may be fun to wear, and it makes quite a fashion statement. But my definition of chic is always one of understatement and includes an element of function–like pockets on a fabulous evening gown. These sandals scream, “look at me, look at me–I spent 10 minutes lacing up my shoes!”

    PaulaJanuary 19th, 2015  2:42 AM

  • They are good if you have stick legs that are miles high. Anyone under 5’8 will get swallowed by the length of that shaft.

    SheilaJanuary 19th, 2015  8:14 AM

  • I guess they look ok on some…but even then, the sandals are all you see. I don’t care for that look at all. As Paula said…too contrived.

    bisbeeJanuary 19th, 2015  8:54 AM

  • I hope that you are all wrong. I’m 5’5″ and will pair them with a grey dress and a hobo. We’ll see…

    PrestonJanuary 19th, 2015  9:26 AM

  • I dont think someone has to be super tall for them to look good but rather have slim calves and legs and long legs in proportion to their height – they probably wouldn’t look fabulous on someone with heavy legs but then they probably wouldn’t fit anyway? A key to looking great is dressing for your body type.

    Sue TothJanuary 19th, 2015  10:49 AM

  • Oh là là, yes they most definitely are ! Love them, they will look unbelievable with a white dress ! You should invest in them, they are both super fashionable yet not too trendy !


    carolineJanuary 19th, 2015  11:33 AM

  • Love the look of these sandals but I really want to know how comfortable they are??

    mary bethJanuary 19th, 2015  1:46 PM

  • The footbed looks absolutely flat and there is no way to adjust the straps over the top of the foot. They just look too uncomfortable. I like sandals I can walk in. Preston, let us know how they fit.

    pindaJanuary 19th, 2015  5:20 PM

  • I think they are awful – almost joke-y. More like something for dress up. They don’t like chic to me. Mary Kay

    Mary KayJanuary 19th, 2015  6:48 PM

  • I’m also not a fan of these shoes. They look like a prop for a photo shoot, not something anyone would wear in real life. All that being said, you have great taste, and perhaps they look fabulous on you?

    KathyJanuary 19th, 2015  8:23 PM


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