February 12th, 2015
Street Style

Winter White

This Tommy Ton pic on style.com reminded me that I’ve been wearing white jeans a lot this winter. Paired with Penelope Chilvers boots and an army green parka pretty much sums up my current uniform. I’m attempting to lighten my cold-weather look; i.e. to not wear black all the time.

I wore all black to a Valentine’s Day lunch yesterday and felt a bit like the grim reaper. Granted, I don’t own any red or pink, and white jeans would not have been appropriate but, I should have dug out a few light neutral pieces.


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Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings


Velvet dress


Suede loafers

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  • I know opinion is divided on wearing white jeans during winter.

    But they add a light note if worn with classic neutrals- grey, black or navy.

    I love my white jeans with my new no6 clog boots, cashmere sweater and either a military or down jacket.

    Keep it simple and white jeans can work all year round.

    MelanieFebruary 12th, 2015  6:13 AM

  • I love white during winter, I just don’t like wearing white jeans 🙂 But it’s silly, it looks so chic, and Emmanuelle Alt and the other Voguettes are fan !


    carolineFebruary 12th, 2015  6:47 AM

  • I love the idea of white jeans in theory but who makes nice quality ones that aren’t too stretchy? (Do NOT want thin, elastic jeggings at my age!) Where do you get yours from?

    disneyrollergirlFebruary 12th, 2015  10:30 AM

  • love the look of white in winter! I’ve been wearing white corduroys. More of a winter feel to me.

    JudyFebruary 12th, 2015  11:58 AM

  • Why not get as much use out of your clothing as possible. Love the jacket pictured.

    ConcepcionFebruary 12th, 2015  12:18 PM

  • This is such a great look. Popped into Penelope Chilvers in London today, still deciding which boots to buy…

    That's Not My AgeFebruary 12th, 2015  1:12 PM

  • I love this picture. Do you know where the shearling jacket is from?

    NBSFebruary 13th, 2015  2:44 PM

  • Look this look but agree that it’s often hard to find white jeans that don’t look like white jeggings!

    Please let me know who made the shearling coat? It’s fab!!

    Love your posts. hey have become a daily obsession!


    Colleen BerryFebruary 13th, 2015  9:59 PM

  • I like the weight of my Frame white jeans.

    PrestonFebruary 14th, 2015  5:50 AM

  • J. Crew made a neat thin-wale corduroy in a sea salt color that was great for fall, winter. Also, a little cozier than demin for cold weather.

    PaulaFebruary 15th, 2015  12:41 AM

  • The coat is ACNE STUDIOS Velocite.

    A Note On StyleFebruary 15th, 2015  5:37 PM


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