February 15th, 2015
In British Vogue

No Need To Per-Suede Me

British Vogue

I’ve had my eye on a suede bag, maybe a jacket too, but when I saw this dress in the March issue of British Vogue, I nearly swooned. An easy shift with patch pockets—sign me up!

Dress by Dorothy Perkins.


what's new


Denise stud-embellished leather espadrilles


Kentra houndstooth double-breasted wool jacket


Clap mini bg


Nutter tie-waist linen-blend blazer


Ring-embellished crossover leather slides


Cotton-twill coat


Siouxsie gold-plated earrings


Gemma 40 suede slingback pumps


Linen blazer


Fringedetailed Horsebit slides


Iron cotton, linen and Tercel-Blend wrap dress


Two-Toned Sac 1

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  • Great title. And this is Dorothy Perkins?! Not sure the suede will be the best quality, ever but it looks good in the photo…

    That's Not My AgeFebruary 15th, 2015  2:37 PM

  • I can’t believe this is Dorothy Perkins ! But the dress is absolutely amazing, I’ve never been the biggest fan of suede, but I think I need this dress (and my wallet thanks you as well xx)


    CarolineFebruary 16th, 2015  5:01 AM

  • I like everything in this look, so natural, so chic

    MillaFebruary 16th, 2015  5:37 AM

  • Preston –
    would you wear something underneath?

    angieFebruary 16th, 2015  8:01 AM

  • I would wear a tank underneath since the arm holes are big.

    PrestonFebruary 16th, 2015  8:22 AM

  • I love this dress!!!!

    Sue TothFebruary 16th, 2015  10:43 AM

  • Yes please! Love this dress…where can it be purchased?!!

    SuzanneFebruary 16th, 2015  12:18 PM

  • Preston,
    I live in Houston with that in mind, what investment jacket would you pick? I have always dreamed of owning a classic Chanel or Balman. Or would you pick accessories shoes and handbags.

    Loretta TurnerFebruary 16th, 2015  12:31 PM

  • Love this dress so much I went straight to DP website. No sign of it. Emailed customer service. They had no idea (but are still looking into it). I’m wondering whether Vogue got the details wrong. It’s probably by some designer and costs five hundred quid 🙂

    TiffanyFebruary 16th, 2015  8:51 PM

  • I love the dress but i too went on D.P. ‘s site and didn’t find it. Any ideas? I want that dress!!!!

    E.February 23rd, 2015  7:46 AM

  • Where IS this dress? Like previous messages I too have hunted it down high and low contacted DP direct, been in shops – staff have never heard of dress? Maybe it is all just a publicity stunt! Anyhow, now the weather is getting warmer am going off dress a bit, think I’ll spend the money I’ve saved on shoes!


    CMarch 7th, 2015  6:02 AM

  • I am also searching for this dress – cannot find it anywhere. Are the details correct? I love it. I need it.

    AnnieApril 7th, 2015  12:28 AM

  • Please contact British Vogue’s market department, they can answer your questions.

    PrestonApril 7th, 2015  3:35 AM

  • I found the nearly identical dress. At Vince. Same olive color. Sleeveless. About $700. It’s now May 19

    Tori MordecaiMay 19th, 2015  10:08 PM


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