February 28th, 2015
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‘It’s A Crock’


Years ago, we bought a crockpot to make slow-cooked meals. Problem was, the pot was so enormous, it took forever to prep the amount of food to fill the damn thing. I think I made one pot of stew and then gave the the crockpot away.

After seeing these recipes in the recent GOOP newsletter, I’m inspired to try again. On cold winter weekends, a slow-cooked meal sounds divine.


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  • They’re great – I have two, makes it so much easier to cook for large groups.

    KathyFebruary 28th, 2015  10:01 AM

  • Don’t forget to make crockpot lasagna…positively miraculous!

    AprilFebruary 28th, 2015  11:58 AM

  • I had returned two over the years, (including an All-Clad!) and for some unknown reason went out and bought one. I am reluctantly converted…I make pulled pork and chili in mine and they are quite good!

    MelissaFebruary 28th, 2015  6:35 PM

  • In the cold of winter, 2 pots of veggie soup a week!

    SharonFebruary 28th, 2015  9:32 PM

  • I’m making the bean escarole stew on Monday…will let you know how it turns out if interested. Carol

    Carol BergMarch 1st, 2015  12:22 AM

  • A small bone-in ham, stuck with some cloves, open & pour a can of crushed pineapple over it. With a baked sweet potato or a little bunch of steamed greed beans– it’s a tasty, homey meal on a cold winter or Spring eve.

    PaulaMarch 1st, 2015  12:46 AM

  • Paula, Your dish sounds great, how long do you cook the ham in the crockpot plesase?

    KristinaMarch 1st, 2015  11:20 AM

  • I want Sharon’s veggie soup recipe!

    Marcy CarmackMarch 1st, 2015  11:24 AM

  • I have two Crock Pots. Both are large. I make meals that last a week in them. This is a life saver when you work full time or just don’t want, or like to cook. The later being me.

    I make several dishes that my family really likes, or tolerates during the year. After several years of making the dishes they are now our families “traditional” meals!

    I make Lydia’s Peasant Chicken, my Mother-in-Laws Ketchup Steak, and my Spaghetti Sauce in the Crock Pot every winter. These three dishes are our families “staple” dishes in Winter.

    Deborah ZajacMarch 2nd, 2015  12:04 AM

  • Thank you Kristina. If you buy a fully cooked ham (and almost all hams are already cooked), it only needs to be heated through. Ham can ‘hold’ in the oven or crockpot quite well, so long as it is tightly covered and has cooking liquid so it won’t dry out. Ham is the easiest thing in the world and there are so many good variations. . . . Now I am curious about crockpot lasagna!

    PaulaMarch 2nd, 2015  1:29 AM

  • Crock pots became the ‘safe’ alternative to pressure cookers, which originally took a brave housewife to operate without a mishap – including a whole chicken stuck to the ceiling. However, for the last twenty or so years pressure cookers are equipped with multiple safe guards and continue to be widely used throughout Europe and Asia, and in commercial kitchens. Known for shortened cooking times and retention of flavors they are amazing for last minute preparations. I have two and use them to prepare everything from risotto, bean soups, roasts, whole chicken, stews….I have not found a recipe that has not or cannot be converted for a pressure cooker. In my book they are a major time and energy saver! Give it a try sometime! From a Dutch oven convert!

    Ellen CurreriMarch 2nd, 2015  7:42 AM

  • Thank-you so much Paula. Great information, I will try it this week!

    KristinaMarch 2nd, 2015  9:32 AM

  • Epicurious.com has great slow cooker recipes. I use mine for dinner parties or family get togethers mainly. I love making (the day before) dishes like Coq au Vin and just re-heating in the slow cooker before dinner (which makes the food even better.) A salad and a crusty baguette, and you’re done. Not chic to be running around sweating doing last minute cooking when you’re entertaining – it’s great to be able to enjoy your own parties.

    KathyMarch 2nd, 2015  11:15 AM

  • Paula – I’m going to try your ham! Thanks for sharing!

    AliciaMarch 2nd, 2015  11:16 AM

  • I agree with Kathy. BTW, Junior League of Kansas City’s, ‘Beyond Parsley,’ one of the best regional cookbooks ever, offers a fantastic Summer Baked Ham, perfect for a crowd on cocktail brioche buns. The cooking liquid is beer. A smaller version could be easily be adapted for the crockpot.

    PaulaMarch 2nd, 2015  9:19 PM

  • I have the All Clad and its truly a lifesaver. My children eat anything that’s made from with the slow cooker and its perfect for a hectic lifestyle. I just served them a garlic chicken with barley and edamame and they thought it was divine. They also like to help throw everything in the pot – it reminds them of the story Strega Nonna.

    KaraMarch 5th, 2015  9:53 AM


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