March 3rd, 2015
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Spring Forward

Frame Denim Jeans With the clocks moving forward this weekend, and my upcoming trip to L.A., I’m getting excited for longer and warmer days ahead. The Frame Denim campaign is the basis for my packing list. I’ve ordered these jeans, and if they fit, I’ll get two pairs—one to keep long, and one to shorten to above the ankle. TBC.

Frame Denim blouse, Frame Denim jeans, Tomas Maier sandals (I’m really into black sandals after years of wearing dark brown), Diptyque mini candles, LL Bean travel tote (I have the long handles).


what's new


One-shoulder crepe top


A-line linen mini skirt


Hammock small leather and raffia tote


Le Cuffed mid-rise stretch-cotton shorts


Poplin midi dress


The City Knot shoulder bag


Belted voile midi dress


Rockstud Spike quilted-suede bag


Woven silk trench coat


Linen and cotton-blend-dress


Jungle of Delight gown


Two-tone shoulder bag

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  • Monogram or no monogram on your tote Preston?

    ElizabethMarch 3rd, 2015  12:17 PM

  • JPD…

    PrestonMarch 3rd, 2015  12:33 PM

  • Or, I should do KiC

    PrestonMarch 3rd, 2015  12:40 PM

  • This is a great wishlist ! I adore the jeans and shirt, and the sandals are perfect ! Have fun in LA (I’ve never been but I would love to !)

    CarolineMarch 3rd, 2015  1:41 PM

  • KiC in my opinion! Please write a post on the jeans and how they fit once you get them. Thank you.

    MMSMarch 3rd, 2015  1:47 PM

  • Let us know if you’ll like the fit.

    MargaretMarch 3rd, 2015  2:25 PM

  • I love the fit and went down a size. And I like the side zip a lot.

    PrestonMarch 3rd, 2015  6:51 PM

  • I bought a pair of high waisted flares (Mother) a month ago. It takes some getting used to after all these years of low cut skinnies and boyfriends, but I am coming around!

    CatherineMarch 3rd, 2015  6:51 PM

  • Love all of it and I ordered the jeans – hope I went down a size too, doubtful…but plan to!
    I’m loving black instead of my standard brown/cognac for summer too. It seems fresher, more in focus.

    KathyMarch 3rd, 2015  6:54 PM

  • What color would you pick to monogram the L.L. Bean bag?

    SusanMarch 4th, 2015  8:34 AM

  • Navy or camel

    PrestonMarch 4th, 2015  8:37 AM

  • Love this look! LA is due for some beautiful weather. It has rained quite a bit so the city feels clean and bright. Have fun!

    CarrieMarch 4th, 2015  10:13 AM

  • PERFECT. Agreed re: black leather.
    I actually love a naked Boat Tote. No monogram. Totally unbranded.

    ZoeMarch 4th, 2015  12:32 PM

  • What size tote is best? Medium or large?

    SallyMarch 4th, 2015  5:26 PM

  • Medium for running around, large for travel.

    PrestonMarch 4th, 2015  5:34 PM


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