March 9th, 2015
Street Style

Stripes And Suede

Street Style

Two of my favorite spring trends, a striped knit and suede coat—perfection.

Image © Kuba Dabrowski for WWD.


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Shoulder bag


Linen top


Linen top


Striped wool-blend shorts


Rockstud sliders


Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals

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  • I think I’m going to buy a few spring sweaters for next winter in LA. I also have a yellow bag on my wish list.

    KathyMarch 9th, 2015  6:37 PM

  • I swear I just bought that same shirt for my son! It caught my eye because I liked the fresh take on a striped shirt. I might have to return to the store and pick up an XL (or XXL) for myself now that I’ve seen it’s much chicer twin on KIC. . .

    Laura ( 9th, 2015  9:12 PM

  • Fabulous! The ribbed striped top was called a ‘poor boy sweater’ in the 70’s. I have no idea why. But that top is definitely a ‘poor boy.’ It would have hit about at the top of the hips and was often worn with an A-line skirt, possibly in wool boucle. We were raised in an era of every day quality fabrics and clothes. My mother sewed enough A-line skirts for me that I wore a different one every day of the week to junior high and high school. No wonder many of us are chronically underwhelmed . . . : )

    PaulaMarch 9th, 2015  9:25 PM

  • Thoughts on the sunglasses; specifically the frame? I just bought a very similar pair from J.Crew Collab and was going to pop out the lenses for my everyday prescription. (Not as sunglasses.) I already have crystal clear frames for a few years now, looking for something fresh.

    Jean Louise LillyMarch 10th, 2015  8:14 AM

  • You’re absolutely right, Paula! I had forgotten about the “poor boy” sweater from the 70’s until you mentioned it. I had several, all colors of stripes, and I too wore them with the ubiquitous A-line skirt. Not sure I plan on revisiting either style now, but your comment brought back nice fashion memories!

    CatMarch 10th, 2015  8:30 AM

  • Paula and I definitely date ourselves. “Poor boys” were the rage! That and an A line skirt was the uniform of the day! What goes around, comes around, if you live long enough…Ha!

    lkaMarch 10th, 2015  8:56 AM

  • Is the oversized look trending in everyday eyewear? I know it is always available in sunglasses.

    AprilMarch 10th, 2015  10:15 AM

  • Perfect ensemble

    MillaMarch 10th, 2015  12:19 PM

  • Oh this is lovely

    That's Not My AgeMarch 10th, 2015  4:52 PM

  • I remember that they were called poor boys because they were worn very tight. As if the “poor boy” didn’t have the money to buy a new sweater.

    Susan GosmanMarch 11th, 2015  2:17 AM


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