March 11th, 2015
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Prada Clogs

And, just like that, it’s spring in NYC–from zero degrees to sixty in the blink of an eye. Time to pull out my clogs.

Last week, after I ran the photo of Financial Times fashion editor Jo Ellison pictured below, I decided that I loved her clog sandals. When I went to Prada to see when they would be in, I saw the other colorway, above on Tamu McPherson, which I prefer. 

My friend Alexandra asked me over coffee why I’m so into clogs, maybe it’s because I’m half Dutch—I don’t honestly know. But for fall, I predict that my style pendulum will swing and I will be sporting a more polished look. TBC.

Vogue paris

Images © jjmartinmilan, Adam Katz Sinding for W,  Dan Roberts for Vogue Paris


what's new


Smocked-neck cotton-poplin top


Block-heel leather sandals


Shoulder bag


Linen top


Linen top


Striped wool-blend shorts


Rockstud sliders


Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers



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  • I love the casual get me self together… Sexy and unpolished. Natural!

    Thordis ArnadottirMarch 11th, 2015  1:54 PM

  • Clogs are fun now for spring and summer. Maybe the closed toe into the fall with marled socks. But I agree with your trajectory: I think the fashion set will be on to a new shoe come fall/winter. Maybe a sleeker, edgier platform? Something with a chunkier heel that doesn’t snag the flares. And I don’t think we have seen the end of the thigh high boots with skirts and dresses. I think they will get more extravagant in the years to come.
    I like your choice of caramel for the shoe- I think this and other earth tones are the popular colors in leather right now.

    Sara G.March 11th, 2015  3:40 PM

  • Oh dear, I think I’m going to NEED those…

    une femmeMarch 11th, 2015  3:46 PM

  • And when are they available??? I just spent the last week cleaning out the closets (too many snow days in Maryland!) and making some decisions on where I am headed for spring. I pulled out my Tods Italian Touch book to motivate. I am going for 3/4 length sweaters layered over short sleeve cotton oxfords…some casual trouser jeans/twill pants and clogs!! These or a similar pair at No 6 will be my choice…love the look. Thanks for more inspiration!

    Amy RichardsonMarch 11th, 2015  3:57 PM

  • I’ve had a least one pair of clogs in my closet since I was in college. I love these, did they say when?

    KathyMarch 11th, 2015  5:54 PM

  • I think its time for clogs to be seen as classic. Sometimes higher fashion than at other times, but always accepted. They are too comfortable, casual, and easy on & off to ever be “out”, in my opinion.

    AprilMarch 12th, 2015  9:37 AM

  • I still can’t like them, though the pictures show how impeccable some women look with clogs on ! I’m sure you’ll style them perfectly, but I will pass on that trend !

    CarolineMarch 12th, 2015  9:54 AM

  • I wear clogs all year round but in autumn I will definitely be wearing Mary Janes.

    RTGMarch 12th, 2015  2:38 PM

  • Hey Preston thanks for being a clogs supporter. And for showing pictures of cool clog wearers. I think they are great shoes. Practical, comfortable, classic and quirky at the same time. I love all of my pairs.

    JustineMarch 12th, 2015  2:54 PM

  • I’ve loved clogs ever since I was in college in North Dakota and watched people there wear them year round. I always own at least one pair and despair a bit when they fall out of style and are hard to find.

    LeahMarch 12th, 2015  4:30 PM

  • I love clogs, I’ve always loved clogs. Sleek heel one day, clogs the next! They remind me of my younger self, they’re easy, and they’re fun. But I only own a few pairs.

    joannawnycMarch 13th, 2015  9:06 AM

  • Hello from clog country (Sweden)….what brand are the jeans?

    Margaret SteinerMarch 16th, 2015  5:10 AM

  • The jeans are Louis Vuitton.

    PrestonMarch 16th, 2015  5:55 AM


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