March 15th, 2015
In Le Monde D'Hermès

‘Notes To Myself’


Last week, I met a lovely woman (in the elevator at Bergdorf’s) and it turned out that we have numerous friends in common. When I pulled out my agenda to jot down her email address, she commented that I was “old school”. Despite having a website with a shop element, when it comes to notes and dates, I keep a diary.

Which is why I love the above image. This beautiful story, from the Hermès SS15 catalogue, was photographed by Vincent van de Wijngaard and styled by Camille Bidault Waddington.







what's new


Quant leopard-print calf hair ankle boots


Kellen ribbed cotton-blend tunic


Brixton horsebit-detailed leather collapsible-heel loafers


Emma shirtdress


Eva silk crepe de chine blouse


Linen-blend culottes


Crossover velvet flatform sandals


GV3 small textured-leather and suede shoulder bag


Almeria leather wedge espadrilles


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Bilbao mini tote


Ginger embellished two-tone textured-leather pumps

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  • So beautiful, and I love the silver bracelet.

    KathyMarch 15th, 2015  8:01 AM

  • Stunning. Everything about this makes my heart sing!

    AliMarch 15th, 2015  8:03 AM

  • I can’t even begin to express how this entire catalogue is perfect. The fashion is perfect, the photography is perfect, the vibe is wonderful… And nothing wrong with being old school, I am as well !

    CarolineMarch 15th, 2015  9:49 AM

  • Lovely.
    What diary do you carry in your bag for notes?

    PatriciaMarch 15th, 2015  12:16 PM

  • “Old school” is the only way! If it isn’t written down in my agenda, it doesn’t exist, as far as I’m concerned.
    (BTW, my agenda is Hermes.)

    lkaMarch 15th, 2015  12:19 PM

  • I still like the idea of having a hard copy, be it a journal, notebook, or address book. I can remember, not THAT long ago, when attorneys in court would consult their Day-Timer or an actual calendar to check their availability for a future date. Now you would look like you had no business being there! LOL. Imagine getting in a car to drive somewhere new without a gps (which I do love)! How did we survive? Amazing what has happened technology wise in such a short space of time.

    AprilMarch 15th, 2015  12:30 PM

  • Yay for leather (Hermes) agendas and old schoolness. I’m the same. Love these pics too.

    disneyrollergirlMarch 15th, 2015  1:52 PM

  • paper agendas, a good old library book, personalized pads of paper….I love being “old school”!

    CariMarch 15th, 2015  2:37 PM

  • I am jumping on this bandwagon! It was a beautiful editorial, the photos were quiet and made me calmer just looking at them. My niece just bought a letterpress and trained in bookmaking (not to be confused with gambling) and calligraphy. I think the technology backlash has begun. Hermes got it right.

    PaulaMarch 16th, 2015  12:19 AM

  • Well, seems there are more “old school” girls here;) Me too, Mont Blanc “One year of my life”…
    Best regards!

    IsabelMarch 17th, 2015  8:40 AM


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