April 29th, 2015
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Confession, I’m a napper. I started napping when I was traveling to Europe every six weeks for work and short naps were my solution to conquering jet lag. And, when my children were infants, naps made working possible. I’ve always been an insane morning person and get up before 5 am most days. A 20 minute snooze in the afternoon helps me extend my day.

When my older daughter was in boarding school, a doctor told the students that naps are beneficial and 26 minutes is the optimum amount of time to refresh but, not too much to disrupt nighttime sleep. I read somewhere that you should have a cup of coffee before you nap because it takes 30 minutes to kick in. Even 15 minutes (often in a comfy chair in my office) is restorative.

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  • I take a late lunch every day and am able to go home and take a quick nap.
    I am then able to meet friends for dinner.

    KerryApril 29th, 2015  6:50 AM

  • I love to take an afternoon nap. Like you, I wake up before 5am everyday, so when I can get it in, a nap is so great. I do find that a cup of coffee in the afternoon actually makes me sleepy. I can only nap in PJs though – not clothing.

    KathyApril 29th, 2015  7:16 AM

  • Amen!

    karenApril 29th, 2015  9:09 AM

  • I am with you in the restorative qualities of a good nap! The key is 20 minutes or less, and to do it in a location other than your bed.

    SusanApril 29th, 2015  9:22 AM

  • When I worked at home f/t my goal was to have outfits that I could
    1. Answer the door in
    2. Go to the store wearing (this means, including presentable shoes)
    3. Comfortable for naps!

    joannawnycApril 29th, 2015  9:29 AM

  • Napping=beauty sleep, according to my mom. Can’t agree with her more, though it was not a case when I was a child:)

    ZivileApril 29th, 2015  10:40 AM

  • I love this topic! I have long wanted to learn how to “power nap”, but it eludes me. If I nap, I always sleep far too long to ever get energized from it. I love to get up early in the morning, 5 or 5:30, but I find it very hard to do so when its dark. I definitely associate darkness with time to sleep. I love those periods when it gets light very early.

    AprilApril 29th, 2015  1:39 PM

  • Love my coffee naps!

    Carrie from www.itsdroolworthy.comApril 30th, 2015  5:50 AM

  • I agree 20-30 mins in the afternoon is very beneficial.

    ThaliaApril 30th, 2015  9:05 AM

  • Love the suede trench and long shirt. Super cool. Am wondering how you get such crystal clear mages from the magazine editorials?? They must give them to you for which I am envious:)

    Name (required)April 30th, 2015  9:34 AM


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