May 24th, 2015
On My Mind

Returner’s Remorse

I can count on one hand the number of items that I regret having bought over the last 10 years. However, the list of items that I wish that I’d bought, or bought and regret returning, is much longer.

This Céline barrette was once mine. But, it was heavy and would slip down my back. Yet, when I see it here, I wonder if I should have tried harder to make it work.

Image © British Vogue


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  • you can get the same look without the price. I love my gold barrette from Mrs. President and Co. And it’s very light weight

    JanaMay 24th, 2015  10:28 AM

  • Would love to see a post sometime about your shopping strategies and how you plan your wardrobe choices sometime, if you are so inclined to write about it. I enjoy the blog very much!

    JennyMay 24th, 2015  11:18 AM

  • Trust your instincts that told you to send it back! No regrets! If it was too heavy for your hair, it wasn’t meant for you! Happy holiday!

    AprilMay 24th, 2015  1:16 PM

  • You’re a way more considerate shopper than I have been, as I have many purchases that I regret and not one that I can think of that “got away”. However, and I am being honest when I say this, the best part of your blog has been a way more careful way of purchasing and so far, since following you, I haven’t made any “mistakes” and I thank you for that!

    KathyMay 24th, 2015  9:46 PM

  • I would have tried harder to make it work…it looks so good!

    Madeliene RoseMay 25th, 2015  6:30 AM

  • Maybe it’s gorgeous in pictures, but is not meant to be worn ? It happened with some Dior earrings i used to love, but they were way too heavy !

    CarolineMay 25th, 2015  7:04 AM

  • Sounds like it would have been too much effort to make this work! They can’t be altered! I think you were right in returning them. On the other hand, if only I hadn’t returned those red crocodile AA sandals…

    MMSMay 25th, 2015  10:10 AM

  • Absolutely echo the comment from Jenny about giving us a post on your shopping strategy sometime and how you edit your wardrobe to balance the classics with the trends. I don’t get returners’ remorse but frequently experience “the one that got away” and, most frustrating of all, failing to buy something I loved because the price scared me. When you find the real “keepers”, even if the price seems high at the time, I’ve found I always forget what I paid but never stop enjoying the item and its quality.


    SarahMay 25th, 2015  10:18 AM

  • If I could only find AA sandals MMS. Do you know of any Preston?

    MarcyMay 25th, 2015  11:01 AM

  • I agree with April. If an accessory or clothing require too much ‘working’ or arranging in order to keep it in place or make it look right, it is a red flag for me. I think you were wise to return it.

    PaulaMay 25th, 2015  10:36 PM


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